Pete Rock Names His Top 5 Dead Or Alive Beatmakers

Pete Rock Names His Top 5 Dead Or Alive Beatmakers

Renowned hip-hop producer Pete Rock has listed his Top 5 favorite beatcrafters of all time, ranging from Gang Starr’s DJ Premier to the late J. Dilla.

While not included in his Top 5, Rock also expressed admiration for West Coast legend Dr. Dre.

Alchemist, for that LOX record, ‘We Gon’ Make It,'” Pete said in an interview. “He put the stamp down. DJ Premier, for all the classics. All the Biggie, all the Guru [records]. Nottz for that R. Kelly joint. ‘That’s That.’ That was really crazy. Dilla for [being] that new dude who came from Mars, landed on Earth and just blasted everybody with his talent and left us. Madlib for all of the underground illness that he does and what he incorporates, the excerpts and the funny stuff he does. It makes me gravitate toward him too. I have to throw [Dr.] Dre in there because Chronic changed my life. [laughs] So I gotta say Dr. Dre. Hopefully one day me and him can collaborate.” (Grind Music Radio)

Last fall, G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks named his Top 5 favorite producers.

“One of the first questions [XXL] asked me is my top five producers of all time,” Banks said in his video blog. “I definitely gotta start with Dr. Dre. His beats have been influential, you can’t even put an amount, probably one of the first vinyls I had [was from Dre] — so that was crazy. Just to be able to rap over all those [instrumentals]. I would carry that around because I loved the production so much — I definitely gotta say Swizz Beatz. I gotta put him up there, he’s done countless hits over and over again so definitely Swizz Beatz. I enjoy Kanye West, what he’s brought to the game, his production is crazy — Havoc from Mobb Deep is definitely one of my personal favorites. I just feel the sound he captures, ah man, it just brings me back to when I first got into rap…DJ Premier brings me back to that 1990’s feel so I definitely gotta put him in there and there’s a lot more producers, but I haven’t worked with y’all so y’all don’t get a shout-out ’til I do.” (XXL Mag)

Fellow Big Apple emcee Saigon recently cited Just Blaze as one of his favorite producers.

“I’m not even being biased–100 percent honest–I would have to say Just Blaze is a better producer than Kanye West. Just is more versatile. Kanye West shines when he does those soulful-type music–“You Don’t Know My Name,” “All Falls Down.” But I think Just Blaze masters that. He can do that, then he can do a song like “PSA,” “Can’t Let You Go” by Fabolous, and it sounds totally different. He’s doing real pop-eclectic stuff [now] and it sounds incredible. They’re both super-great, but the only producer I’d compare to Just is Timbaland. That’s the only producer with that versatility.” (VIBE)

Following the acknowledgement, SOHH hit up Just to get his reaction to the accolade.

“I don’t really have too much of a comment on that,” Blaze modestly told SOHH about Sai’s co-sign. “I appreciate it and like I said online the other night, I’m not really into the ratings and comparisons. We all make good music and if I’m anybody’s favorite, I’m just honored to be their favorite. Beyond that, we’ve all got different things and we all do them well, so, I’m just happy and honored to be considered among other great names of those who I consider to be great.” (SOHH)

Check out Pete Rock’s interview below:

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