“People Have Been Waiting For Us To Collaborate For A Long Time & We Finally Did It”

“People Have Been Waiting For Us To Collaborate For A Long Time & We Finally Did It”

[With Nicki Minaj, Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea running the rap game these days, Da Mafia 6ix’s Gangsta Boo talks to SOHH readers about keeping the torch blazing for the ladies with the upcoming collaborative release, Witch.]

The Witch project is going to be a real good look with my girl La Chat. People have been waiting for us to collaborate for a long time and we finally did it.

The first single is “Bitchy” and it’s produced by [DJ] Paul, featuring Mia X, me and La Chat.

We got dope production from WillPower, who is Yelawolf’s producer. I’m proud of this and the title because it’s called Witch and Paul came up with that title.

I feel like it describes me to a tee. I consider myself as a horrorcore rapper and a hardcore rapper. I love to rap the way I do because it’s like watching a horror movie. I’m the actress you see in the scary movies and that’s what I portray in my music.

The title Witch just comes from a dark place. We got a sinister sound and there’s a cult following.

You’re going to get a lot of dark beats, you’re going to have some crunk sh*t, it’s going to be some gangsta horrorcore Boo and La Chat sh*t. You can look forward to it. It’s going to come out sometime this spring.

I really put the idea out there. Well, it was really the fans that wanted it. I hit up La Chat and was like, “We got to do it.” She was into it too but she was busy and I was busy. We live in different cities but I was like, “I’m coming to Memphis and we’re going to do it!”

We recorded so many songs so fast. You can get excited, that’s for sure. We have some hits.

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