“People Are Always Mad At Drake For No Reason”

“People Are Always Mad At Drake For No Reason”

[With the hip-hop world still having trouble digesting Drake’s new “Wu-Tang Forever” track, Chris Rock’s brother and protégé Jordan Rock gives SOHH readers some comic relief over the Nothing Was The Same record’s mixed reactions.]

Although Rock thought Drizzy might come with some hard rhymes based on the song title, he said people should realize the Young Money stud likes to croon on his songs.

“People are always mad at Drake for no reason,” he told SOHH. “Drake just does hip-hop. I’m not a big fan of that “Wu-Tang Forever” song either. It’s too singy, poppy on the radio for me. It’s just Drake being Drake. It’s like sex, you can’t be mad because you know it’s going to be soft. I listened to the whole album and I actually did enjoy Nothing Was The Same. I like the album more than I actually want to. I thought it was going to be a completely different feel when I saw the name and then when I heard it, it was completely different.” (SOHH)

While details are still fuzzy, Wu-Tang Clan’s U-God said fans can expect to hear a revamped version of Drizzy’s Nothing Was The Same record.

“They wanted us to remix it and get on there [so] you gon’ probably hear another one with us on it,” says U-God, shortly after landing in San Francisco to perform at Rock The Bells on Sunday. “[Method Man] did his verse–we all did our verses. I wrote my rhyme in probably 15, 20 minutes. We were moving so fast we only had about four hours of studio time. If I had some time to really sit down and get juicy with it, I probably could’ve got juicier with it. But I still do a nice one, I still do a real banger.” The Nothing Was The Same cut, which samples “It’s Yourz” from the Staten Island crew’s sophomore album Wu-Tang Forever, makes references to Raekwon’s “machine gun rap” opening lines from the original. Rae, as well as the official Wu-Tang Clan Twitter account have already expressed support for the track. (VIBE)

The Wu’s Inspectah Deck has since said Drizzy does not pay homage or make the record a real tribute to the Wu.

“After listening to the @Drake song, I agree with u… It is in no form a tribute to WU and SHOULD NOT wear the title Wutang Forever!,” Deck tweeted September 13.

“I am not switching up.. My tweet earlier stated without previously hearing the song I thought it was a tribute and saw that as respect.”

“My 2nd tweet based on hearing the song.. Not stating if its wack or not I said what I felt about the song and title in conjunction with WU” (Inspectah Deck’s Twitter)

Coincidentally, he initially stood behind the record after it started to receive backlash heading into last weekend.

“GM fam! Woke up to a lot of @Drake disses… WTH? The homey did a song about us right? Is that not love/respect? Or did I miss sum’n?” (Inspectah Deck’s Twitter)

Before posting a blog post showcasing diehard Wu fans sporting their Clan tattoos, a tweet from the group’s Twitter page defended Drizzy’s new record.


“The Wu is forever so is this. http://fb.me/6u87HsaBT” (Wu-Tang Clan’s Twitter)

Since its release, the Toronto native has turned into a target by Wu fans.

Despite that seal of approval, however, some fans took to the Web to express confusion. @VStarchaser tweeted, “Wu-Tang Forever .. This is not making any sense to me :/,” while @CainMcCoy, apparently, couldn’t get past the title, saying, “I was feeling everything from Drake up until ‘Wu-Tang Forever.'” @MicheleJenae quipped about the song, referring to another — literally softer — title on the upcoming album: “is this pound cake or wu-tang forever?” A few others pointed out the difference between Drake’s lyrics and Wu-Tang’s, some sharing side by side comparisons of “Wu-Tang Forever” and “It’s Yourz.” @The_Blackprint_ expressed his confusion with a simile: “You can’t name a song ‘Wu Tang Forever’ and come soft as Charmin A– paper…SMH” (MTV)

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Check out “Wu-Tang Forever”:

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