Pauly D On 50 Cent Bond: “He’s A Hustler His Whole Life & So Am I”

Pauly D On 50 Cent Bond: “He’s A Hustler His Whole Life & So Am I”

Former “Jersey Shore” star DJ Pauly D recently discussed his connection to G-Unit’s 50 Cent and why they both have made names for themselves through the art of hustling.

Pauly D said he and Fif instantly hit it off when they first bumped heads.

The DJ just so happens to be on Fif’s G-Note record label. So what makes Pauly and 50 Cent such besties? “When me and 50 met, it was like instant chemistry,” he explained. “Like, he gets me, I get him. You know what? We just have a bond. His business work ethic is just like mine. He’s a hustler his whole life, and so am I, and we just clicked.” (MTV)

Last winter, Pauly revealed his motivation for inking a deal to the rapper’s G-Unit company.

“[He] was always been a mentor to me because I always played his music my whole life,” Pauly D told radio hosts Cipha Sounds, Peter Rosenberg and K Foxx. “And just his whole, his work ethic and everything like that and I just respected his hustle from day one.” (Hot 97)

Recently, Shady Record’ boss Eminem highlighted 50’s business-minded ways.

“Ever since we started making music with Fif, it was kind of like a mutual respect thing and we became friends outside of the music,” Em said in an interview referring to his bond with 50. “If you put the music aside, we can just talk about [anything], you know what I’m saying? 50 is very big on the business aspect in his career. I would consider him a smart businessman. Not saying that I’m not, but I don’t get into as much of the technical aspect in the business sense. Like, I have no idea what’s going on. Ever. I don’t even know where I’m at right now.” (Channel 955)

Southern rapper Shawty Lo previously labeled the G-Unit head a marketing genius.

“This is like something before the album, my new situation with G-Unit was just solidified and I got off the phone with 50 yesterday, I just signed a really large deal,” Shawty Lo said revealing plans to drop a new mixtape called B.H.F. “It’s like a new beginning and all I needed was someone behind me. 50 [Cent] is a marketing genius and I got my new thing D4L and G-Unit and we going to be working the South and the rest of the world if need be.” (All Hip Hop)

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