Paul Wall’s Wife Reveals How He Got His Swag Back, “He Hates For Me To Say That He Actually Felt Sexy” [Video]

Paul Wall’s Wife Reveals How He Got His Swag Back, “He Hates For Me To Say That He Actually Felt Sexy” [Video]

Houston rapper Paul Wall recently opened up on maintaining a healthy lifestyle after dropping 100 pounds two years ago and why he feels health is the new wealth.

Crediting diet, exercise and weight loss surgery, Wall and his wife Crystal both agreed shedding pounds is the new focus.

“It saved my life. I feel great! I feel like I am 19 years old. I feel better than I felt at 19,” he said. “How much I weigh now, I’ve never weighed this much in my life, except when I was 12 years old.” His wife, Crystal, began to change too. “Him losing that weight mentally gave him his swagger, you know? He got to being, he felt sexy, you know? He hates for me to say that he actually felt sexy, but he felt sexier,” she said. But Paul Wall said changing his own life wasn’t enough. He wants to spread the word to his fans. “Too many times in the music, we promote the party or the drinking or whatever, the unhealthy lifestyle in the music,” Paul Wall said. “But outside of that, it’s time for us to start being role models.” (ABC Local)

Last summer, Terror Squad’s Fat Joe made headlines for dropping massive pounds.

“I’m not trying to impress nobody or nothing like that,” Joe told MTV News. “I’m just trying to get healthy so I can be here for my family and take care of my kids and live the life that was intended for me to live, so it was crazy when I started getting all this attention. Two weeks from now, CNN is coming to my house, Sanjay Gupta, a big special, and all this attention is crazy.” (MTV)

Joe’s “Paradise” remix collaborator Mickey Factz previously hit up SOHH and shared his reaction to the rapper’s new slim look.

“I’m happy that he’s lost the weight,” Factz told SOHH referring to Fat Joe. “Being somebody from the Bronx and being able to see the loss and impact of Big Pun before he got a chance to lose weight, it was devastating to the borough, it was devastating to the BX rappers. So to see Joe lose this weight is a good thing for him. And I’m proud. I think he’s gonna catch a wave. It’s gonnaclean up his image a little bit and I don’t know if he wants to continue to be called Fat Joe but at the end of the day, I’m glad.” (SOHH)

Recently, Paul Wall spoke to SOHH about the dangers of food addiction.

“It’s real encouraging and motivating to see Fat Joe and everybody that’s getting into health. I think [First Lady] Michelle Obama‘s “Get Fit” campaign, all of that stuff is just real encouraging all around where people are really recognizing being fat isn’t cool. You have to make a whole lifestyle change. You have to really want it. Some people want it but they want the food more. Food is an addiction. A lot of people don’t realize it. Food is an actual addiction. The hormones you get makes you hungry and it’s also about how it makes you feel. When you’re full, you feel good. A lot of people can’t go to sleep unless they eat. They always eat before they go to sleep and they can’t go to sleep unless they have a full stomach. Food is a drug and it’s addictive. It’s a whole life style change.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Check out Paul Wall’s interview below:

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