Paul Wall Talks Music Biz Gimmicks, “I’ve Never Tried To Build Hype”

Paul Wall Talks Music Biz Gimmicks, “I’ve Never Tried To Build Hype”

Southern rapper Paul Wall recently spoke on his feelings towards today’s record industry and the perceived reliance on gimmicks and what’s popular at the moment.

Claiming he has used the music business to build relationships, Wall also said the usage of hype could have helped his past record sales.

“It just seems like the music industry revolves around hype, it don’t seem like it revolves around music anymore,” he said in an interview. “I’ve built my career around making good music, building relationships up, and going out there to put in real work…I’ve never tried to build hype, or use a gimmick, or anything like that. If I did, I’d probably have way more record sales, but for me to have longevity, I feel like I have to put out good music…You see artists like LL Cool J and Snoop [Dogg] and it seems like they’ve been in the game forever. You see rock artists like ZZ Top, and they’re d*mn near 70 still going on tour and I don’t see why rappers can’t do the same thing. I want to be on tour at 70 too, I love music. So hopefully I’ll be able to do this for another 50 years.” (iHipHop)

UGK‘s Bun B recently said hip-hop has taken a negative hit and become less effective in today’s sales climate.

“I wonder if people who ask Southern artists [about their past streaks also] ask West coast artists or Midwest artists or New York artists that, because all those regions are falling off,” Bun said in an interview. “Hip-Hop, in general, doesn’t have the demand power it used to in any region. We had a good run in Houston, but every region’s in trouble. There are really only six people making money off rap music. Everybody knows that…I definitely think that Z-Ro is on the brink of becoming a national superstar. It’s pretty much up to him to decide whether he goes as far as he wants to go. The only thing holding Z-Ro back is Z-Ro.” (Vibe)

Rap mogul Irv Gotti recently blamed the shady dealings of the music industry to contributing to hip-hop’s unstable status.

“See, the music business is d*ck riders for the better part,” Gotti said in an interview. “I understand that it’s logic, I accept it but they’re d*ck riders. So they want a Dream beat right now or they want a Polow Da Don or whatever like that. They d*ck riders. And I know and I can say that with the utmost confidence because they d*ck rode me for a large time and I wacked ‘em in the head. Murder Inc. got all the hits, everyone’s calling me. The illest sh*t I ever did was I made someone pay me $50,000 just to get on the phone. I was an a**hole at the highest level. I said, ‘Yo listen man, send me $50k and I’ll get on the phone, if not f*ck outta here yo,’ I was an a**hole at the highest, yo, a quarter, you heard me, $250,000, I ain’t stutter,’ click. He sent that paper.” (MTV)

Aside from music, Wall spoke with SOHH earlier this year about the status of selling grills despite the United States experiencing finanical hardships.

“Oh yeah it’s definitely been slow,” he explained. “All around the mall stores are closing down. One thing though, sports and entertainment are still thriving so there’s still movie stars and athletes. They still got two commas coming on their pay check everytime so they come up in the mall and ball out like it ain’t a recession. So we get to receive those benefits here and there.” (SOHH)

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