Paul Wall, Saigon, Bangladesh & More Name Their Top 3 X-Mas Wishes

Paul Wall, Saigon, Bangladesh & More Name Their Top 3 X-Mas Wishes

In light of the Christmas weekend, SOHH talked to Paul Wall, Saigon, Bangladesh and more artists to find out what three wishes they most want from Santa Claus.

Texas-bred emcee Paul Wall said in addition to himself, he wants Santa Claus to bring some gifts for his son.

“One thing I want this year is a belt. I think my wife actually got me this Louis Vuitton belt with these matching glasses too, so that’s something I’ve really been wanting. A second wish, I’d say my son loves these Star Wars toys. More than anything else in this world. So I would put some Star Wars movies, action figures, everything as my second wish. Last thing I would want for Christmas, and I stay pretty content, but maybe a couple ounces of that California kush, then I’d be good.” (SOHH)

New York rapper Saigon got a bit deeper and wished he could uplift black people and have another conversation with his late mother.

“If I could have any big wish, it would be that everyone would be honest with me all the time. That would be my first wish. Santa Claus, please. Nobody else’s truths matter. There’s certain people in my life that I need their truths. Number two would be, well, I’d wish for black people to go and support Haitians more. I want the whole rap community to show support instead of just one day. They’re doing worse than they were doing when the earthquake hit [earlier this year] right now. That’s a constant struggle…Another big wish would be to bring my mother back to life. My mother died and I know we all die but if I could have one more conversation with my mother and I knew she was going to die, I’d be 20 times a stronger man that what I am today. And I already consider myself one of the strongest…” (SOHH)

Atlanta producer Bangladesh wanted well wishes for the people around him.

“For Christmas, I just like to see other people happy, man. I like to see people in a state of enjoyment. That’s really, ultimately, what makes me happy. To see other people happy is really what’s good for me. I got money and so I can buy whatever I want. There’s probably something I can’t buy but it’s not that serious. I really don’t be wanting for anything. I just want to see other people in a comfortable situation. (SOHH)

Rap newcomer Reek Da Villain got a bit fancy with his list.

“If I could have any three things, I would want a record deal with one of these majors, I want a nice house and I want a nice car. I’ll take a record deal, nice house and a nice car to go with it and I’ll be straight. But overall though, Christmas is about giving and that’s why I’m giving everyone the Gift CD. This is one of the best presents to y’all, probably one of the best presents to give to your ears.” (SOHH)

Finally, film director Vlad Yudin said he had a few high tech wishes for Santa this year.

“Naming three things I want for Christmas, hmmmm. I think I would want the new BlackBerry that either came out or is getting ready to come out. I forget the name of it. So I would want a new BlackBerry phone. I think I would maybe want the new Canon camera, I think it’s the 5D [model]. It’s a good camera to have around. And finally, I would just want to continue having good people around and good friendships and keep that going.” (SOHH)

From everybody at SOHH, have a safe and fun holiday weekend!

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