Paul Wall On Microphone Fan Beating, “I’m Not Worried About Him”

Paul Wall On Microphone Fan Beating, “I’m Not Worried About Him”

After releasing a public apology to supporters for attacking a fan during a San Antonio concert last weekend, rapper Paul Wall has said he is not worried about the victim.

According to Wall, the man he attacked with a microphone did not represent his fan following.

Rapper Paul Wall is never ever going to apologize to the guy he blasted with a microphone this past weekend … because according to Paul, “He ain’t my fan. I’m not worried about him. We caught up with Paul in Calabasas yesterday, where he told us the reason he decked the bird-flipping concertgoer in San Antonio was because, “A**holes get outta line sometimes.” (TMZ)

This week, Wall released a statement revealing his deepest regrets to fans.

“I want to sincerely apologize to my San Antonio Fans as well as Paul Wall Fans worldwide for allowing myself to become distracted during my recent performance at the Low Low Car Show in San Antonio, Texas,” he said. “My goal as a live performer is to always provide my fans with a great show experience and I apologize for temporarily taking my eyes off that goal. We all learn from experiences both good and bad. I will learn and grow from this incident and be a better person, artist and performer as a result.” (XXL Mag)

Details on the incident hit the Internet Tuesday (September 28) morning.

Paul Wall regrets lashing out at a fan over the weekend during a show in San Antonio, Texas. In case you missed it, a widely circulated video of the incident shows the grill-loving rapper going after a fan at the Low Low Car Show last Sunday after the man repeatedly flipped the middle finger at Wall. After exchanging a few heated words with the offender, Wall (born Paul Slayton) got fed up with the one-finger salute and hit the man on the head twice with a microphone before security removed the man from the venue, according to TMZ. (MTV)

In the footage, Wall is seen being pulled backstage following the attack.

A video, obtained by and recorded at the event, shows a man in the front row waving his middle finger at the star, who leans down to exchange words with the concert-goer before hitting him with a microphone. The footage appears to show Wall – real name Paul Slayton – being dragged to the back of the stage by security guards. The fan was subsequently removed from the venue and no police report has been filed, according to the website. (Toronto Sun)

Check out footage from the incident down below:

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