Paul Wall Co-Signs Travis Barker, “His Hip-Hop Production Is Amazing”

Paul Wall Co-Signs Travis Barker, “His Hip-Hop Production Is Amazing”

Southern rapper Paul Wall has talked about working with former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker on his upcoming album.

Wall claims Barker has an amazing talent for making hip-hop beats.

“That’s what a lot of people are assuming [as it being rock], but his Hip-Hop production is amazing,” he said in an interview. “You wouldn’t even guess that the worlds most popular/talented drummer is producing these tracks. Since he plays the drums, I think he has a different perspective on production. His style is definitely very unique. But I really don’t feel that there is a rock sound in the tracks he produced for my album. There is one song called ‘Heart of a Hustler’ that does have it, but the other six songs he produced don’t.” (DJ Booth)

Barker will produce half of Wall’s fourth solo project, Heart of a Champion.

Fresh off a month-long tour with former partner-in-rhyme, Chamillionaire, Houston rapper, Paul Wall, is all set to drop his 4th major label album, Heart of a Champion, on June 29th through Swisha House/Asylum Records. Almost half of the tracks featured on the album are produced by long-time friend and Expensive Taste band-mate, Travis Barker. The album will also feature several songs from Expensive Taste, the group which includes Skinhead Rob (Transplants) in addition to Paul and Travis. (Press Release)

Wall will also feature a variety of guest appearances on the album.

Feature duties for “Heart of a Champion” include a diverse list of cast members including Jim Jones, Yelawolf and Raekwon but do not ignore Paul’s Houston roots; Bun B, Chamillionaire, Slim Thug, Devin the Dude and Lil’ Keke each get their turn at the mic. Another Houston feature is Johnny Dang aka TV Johnny with whom Paul Wall shares a grills and jewelry business which caters to A-list celebrities and average Joes alike. (Press Release)

Recently, Wall talked about racial boundaries in hip-hop.

“Everybody raised me to believe I was a kid and an individual. So me being White or any other characteristic didn’t define who I was,” he explained in an interview. “So I didn’t carry myself as a White person. I am who I am. I also think I’m wise enough to know you can’t compare me to Eminem due to his success and style. Also my sound was different. Coming from Texas there’s a large Mexican and Jamaican population so it’s multiracial. So my fan base is extremely multiracial so that has something to do with it, too.” (XXL Mag)

Check out Killer Mike talking about reuniting Paul Wall & Chamillionaire down below:

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