Paul Wall Busted By Texas Police, “Fresh Out El Paso County Jail”

Paul Wall Busted By Texas Police, “Fresh Out El Paso County Jail”

Houston rapper Paul Wall made headlines over the weekend after getting busted by police in El Paso, Texas for drug possession.

According to reports, the “People’s Champ” and a friend/rapper possessed marijuana.

Rappers Paul Wall and Baby Bash were arrested last night in El Paso, TX for possession of marijuana … TMZ has learned. According to jail records, the rappers — real names Paul Michael Slayton and Ronald Ray Bryant — posted $300 bond shortly after. (TMZ)

Wall also hit up his Twitter page to tell fans he had been released.

“Fresh out the El Paso County jail wit @BabyBash @BIGGROY in the same tank they held Willie Nelson/Johnny Cash,” he tweeted Sunday (September 11).

“We on @tmz @BabyBash @BIGGROY” (Paul Wall’s Twitter)

Outside of legal matters, Wall previously spoke to SOHH about his Tattoo Detox retail line.

“It’s a product called “Tattoo Detox”. Most tattoo inks have different kinds of chemicals in them and some people might have an allergic reaction to or some tattoos take longer time to heal than others,” Wall told SOHH. “This little product takes all of the little toxins and poisons out of there. My mom and dad be into all of the New-Age type of stuff so my pops found this product and said, ‘Man, we ought to invest in this,’ and we did. It takes the toxins out of the ink. It don’t make it fade, it actually helps it heal a little bit better and makes you feel better. So that’s the good thing. The only concern I ever had was if it was going to mess up how my tattoo looked. Of course, it doesn’t at all. It actually makes it feel better. That’s been going pretty well for us so far.” (SOHH)

In 2008, details of Wall’s tattoo power move hit the Internet.

The new product “Tattoo Detox” is the latest addition to his Grills line specially formulated to combat heavy metals and cleanse the blood. Aiming to help eliminate the toxins found in tattoo ink, it is taken orally and is said to leave the tats in perfect condition. “I love my tattoos, but I was really upset to find out tattoo ink contains toxic metals,” Paul said in the statement. “Fortunately I found Tattoo Detox, and it’s all good now. I can get as many tats as I want and a few drops of Tattoo Detox a day keeps me feelinggreat.” (Press Release)

Check out some past Paul Wall footage down below:

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