Papoose Snubs The Majors, Still American Dreamin’

Papoose Snubs The Majors, Still American Dreamin’

New York rapper Papoose has decided to stop waiting for major label support and will finally drop his long-awaited Nacirema Dream debut album independently.

According to reports, Pap has managed to snag guest features from rap stars such as Jim Jones and Jadakiss.

Rapper Papoose is prepping the release of his upcoming album Nacirema Dream, due to be released via the rapper’s own independent label Honor B4 Money Records. Papoose has recruited Erykah Badu, Jim Jones and Jadakiss for appearances on the project. Busta Rhymes and Lloyd Banks have already appeared on the pre-release single “Party Bout to Pop (Remix),” and Papoose’ incarcerated fiancee Remy Ma guested on “Bucked Naked (Remix).” The album was originally supposed to be released on Jive five years ago. But issues with the label forced him to depart after only a year. The release date hasn’t been made public as of yet. (Hip Hop Blog)

Last April, he talked about returning to the underground circuit for his The 2nd Coming mixtape.

“The reason why I called the mixtape The 2nd Coming is because when I first came in the scene, I shook the ground, I had the whole industry petrified, I took a million-plus. This time I’m coming back, it’s going to be even worse. Y’all know what I did before. See what I did; now, round two…I feel like l’m more mature now and I got a lot more to offer the game than what I had back then. So I’m glad my album didn’t come. Now with my album coming out, I think I’m well-prepared. This mixtape will really show a first-time listener what hip-hop represents.” (MTV)

In late 2009, DJ Kay Slay promised fans would finally get Pap’s debut album.

“You’re all going to hear something next year,” Slay promised in a November 2009 interview. “We have way more than enough songs; we just haven’t found the right situation. We thought we had the right situation, but there were stupid motherf*ckas in positions that didn’t know how to work with an artist like that — so there [were] creative control conflicts, because I was like, ‘We ain’t doing that! This ain’t why y’all brought us up here.’ You see, that’s what happens: When they get you, then you have some other n*ggas with some big-brained scheme, and then I’ll ask a motherf*cker, ‘When is the last time you been to Brooklyn? What record is Papoose most known for? Where’s he performing at this week?’ They don’t know nothing about him, but they have all these d*ckhead ideas… And that’s the reason why sh*t wasn’t working.” (iHipHop)

Kay Slay previously said he felt the current record label giants were catering more toward a Southern fanbase and big name artists which would bypass Pap.

“He’s grindin’, you know, he’s just putting everything back in order,” Slay said about Papoose. “He’s in a different frame of mind now. We recorded a whole lot of records. Putting an album out ain’t a problem, it’s about putting an album out through a right situation. I think [Papoose would] rather [prefer] an independent than a major. It really don’t make no sense to do a major in this time in age…Papoose would do better on an independent right now because majors are really geared towards Southern artists or high profile artists that’s been known for selling records. They don’t wanna gamble too much with no new artists.” (XXL Mag)

A release date has not yet been announced.

In summer 2006, Papoose signed a reported $1.5 million deal with Jive Records. A year later, Papoose and Jive split ways. Nacirema is American spelled backwards.

Check out a past Papoose interview down below:

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