Papoose Says Stop Crying Over Record Sales & Paper-Chasin': “Hip-Hop’s Not About None Of That Sh*t!”

Papoose Says Stop Crying Over Record Sales & Paper-Chasin': “Hip-Hop’s Not About None Of That Sh*t!”

Brooklyn rapper Papoose recently talked about the long journey it took to get his delayed Nacirema Dream album onto store shelves and, specificially, why people should get away from the materialistic part of the music business.

In Pap’s perspective, too much thought and discussion goes into an artist’s music sales and bank accounts.

“So nobody can ever make me believe this is about anything but talent and ability. They try to make it sound like it’s about how many records you sold, how much money you got or how much of a gangster you are. Hip Hop is not about none of that sh*t! Hip Hop is about being outspoken and being effective with letting people hear your thoughts. Whatever you was doing, you was creative, you was sharp and on top of your game. Because if you wasn’t, you was gonna get sh*tted on. I just think nowadays they try so hard to make us think it’s about Twitter followers and all this sh*t that has nothing to do with Hip Hop and doesn’t make you a great artist.” (HHDX)

The self-proclaimed “King of New York” stressed the importance of being judged on lyrical skill and content.

“They would never be able to make me forget what this is about. So as long as that’s embedded in my brain, I will always have my relationship with Hip Hop. If you’re a rapper, it’s about being nice. I don’t give a f*ck about none of that other sh*T; none of that matters to me. When I look at an artist, I judge them by their lyrical content and nothing else.” (HHDX)

Last week, Bad Boy Records rapper French Montana made similar statements when asked for his take on the importance of record sales.

“Nah, not really,” Montana said in reference to worry about his album sales. “Nah, I don’t make money off CDs. I do shows. I do other things. So that don’t bother me. It don’t concern me because I’ll keep working hard regardless. The only thing I was concerned about was having the right music. That’s what’s gonna live on forever.” (Power 99 FM)

Back in early April, Pap’s Nacirema Dream managed to snag a Top 100 debut on the sales chart.

The album debuted at number 97 on the U.S. Billboard 200 and number 13 on the US Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums with first-week sales of 5,442 copies in the United States. In its second week the album sold 3,000 more copies bringing its total to 8,400. (Wikipedia)

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