Papoose Says Remy Ma Legal War Must Carry On, “We Just Gotta Continue To Fight”

Papoose Says Remy Ma Legal War Must Carry On, “We Just Gotta Continue To Fight”

New York rapper Papoose has opened up about his wife Remy Ma‘s appeal denial this week in relation to a 2007 shooting case and why the legal battle must carry on.

Although Remy is still serving eight years, Pap remains confident in her innocence one day being proven.

“She wasn’t happy about it, but she understands the situation that she’s in,” he told XXL. “Mentally she’s free, her mind is right. She’s a strong person [and] she’s got strong family around her so she gonna be alright. We just gotta continue to fight.” The DJ Kay Slay protege said in order for the verdict in the case to be reversed four out of seven judges had to rule in her favor. Two did, including the chief judge. “That’s definitely a good sign that somebody is definitely seeing the truth of what’ really going on here, which is the fact that she’s innocent,” he said. (XXL Mag)

Yesterday, Pap addressed the rejected appeal on his Twitter page.

“lock your body cant lock your mind remy is free mentally on to the next court the fight will not end haters keep hating,” Paptweeted Friday (February 25). (Papoose’s Twitter)

Details of the rapper’s rejection hit the Internet Thursday evening.

New York’s top court has upheld the conviction of rapper Remy Ma in the shooting of a friend in 2007. In a ruling Thursday, the Court of Appeals rejected arguments that a judge didn’t properly inform jurors before they rendered a guilty verdict. The rapper’s real name is Remy Smith. She’s serving eight years in prison for criminal possession of a weapon and two counts of assault stemming from the struggle in which a friend was shot. Smith had accused the friend of stealing $3,000 from her pocketbook. (My Fox News)

Last year, Papoose spoke on Remy’s possible early release.

“I can’t speak about it in detail due to legal reasons, but we just recently got some great news concerning her second appeal” Papoose revealed in an interview. “Let’s just say that she’s blessed. I highly doubt she will have to serve the full time. If justice is served, then she will come home now. My plan is to see her walk out of that hellhole and get a breath of fresh air so we can enjoy life.” (VIBE)

Check out a recent Remy Ma interview below:

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