Papoose Refuses To Believe Chris Lighty Killed Himself: “Anybody Who Knows Chris Sees Through The Lies” [Audio]

Papoose Refuses To Believe Chris Lighty Killed Himself: “Anybody Who Knows Chris Sees Through The Lies” [Audio]

New York rapper Papoose pays homage to those who left us last year in the entertainment industry with his new “Obituary 2012″ tribute record.

Pap opens his ode-driven track remembering late music icon Whitney Houston and record industry veteran Chris Lighty.

“Whitney Houston, let us rejoice,” Pap raps. “Words can’t describe her amazing voice/Born August 9th, 1963, incredible black woman, Newark, New Jersey — sold over 170 million albums/The cause of her death? Accidental drowning/She leaves behind a daughter, heavenly surrounded/Chris Lighty, hip-hop shed a tear/He gave birth to so many careers/Born May 8th, ’68, in the Bronx, used to carry records for Red Alert, he was smart/Started Violator, made it better/He helped me with my career, we took a million dollar deal together/The cause of his death? They say suicide/But anybody who knows Chris sees through the lies” (“Obituary 2012″)

He also paid homage to Don C, who is most known for creating “Soul Train.”

“Don Cornelius, on every episode,” Pap continues. “He wished us all love, peace and soul/Born September 27th in ’36/In Chicago, he went to the Marines, he stayed legit/Inspired by the Civil Rights Movement, he gave a TV venue in the United States for soul music/exposure for artists like James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, black and proud/The cause of his death? Suicide/Life is short, enjoy it while you alive” (“Obituary 2012″)

G-Unit’s 50 Cent reportedly hired an investigator to look into Lighty’s reported suicide last fall.

The city medical examiner ruled it a suicide, but many close to Lighty have their doubts. 50 Cent said he offered to pay for an investigation. 50 cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, told me the hip hop mogul was not financially desperate. He said they just booked an international tour for 2013 that would have netted Lighty millions. Fox 5 obtained a copy of Lighty’s will. The will, drafted in 2007, provides a separate $1.6 million trust fund for his children. Aidala said establishing that trust shows great care and planning, especially for a man who at that time was only in his late thirties. (My Fox NY)

Houston passed away nearly a year ago, just one day before the Grammy Awards.

With the case closed, police released the recording of the 911 emergency call in which a hotel security officer said the woman who called for help from Houston’s room was “irate and pretty much out of it.” Investigators “found no evidence of foul play,” a police statement said. “Based on the findings of our investigation and our review of the coroner’s report, we have determined that this is not a criminal matter.” (CNN)

Check out Papoose’s “Obituary 2012″:

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