Papoose Can’t Get Over Summer Jam Backlash: “N****s Thought Jay-Z Was Coming Out – Hahahaha”

Papoose Can’t Get Over Summer Jam Backlash: “N****s Thought Jay-Z Was Coming Out – Hahahaha”

Brooklyn rapper Papoose is having a hard time getting over the backlash he received from last weekend’s unexpected Hot 97 Summer Jam concert appearance and is letting his thoughts run wild.

Along with continuing to build off his self-made hype, Pap admitted fans probably expected a high-profile rapper like Jay-Z would have graced last Sunday’s annual concert stage.

“See a opportunity u take it #summerjam #getatme,” Pap tweeted June 8th.

“Any upcoming concerts? looking 4 something to bumrush? #summerjam #getatme”

“N*ggas thought jz was coming out with Kendrick instead they got me #surprise hahahahah lmfao #getatme #summerjam” (Papoose’s Twitter)

Over the weekend, Pap released a new freestyle over Jay-Z’s “Open Letter” beat to discuss the Hot 97 incident

“I hijacked the stage with no hammer/ I did it right infront of the camera. Shades. Waving a bandana,” the Brooklyn rapper begins. “…Industry never did sh*t for me, except hated on me and pull trickery/ They don’t want to let a n*gga shine/ Fine, I’ll take another artist’s time.” His freestyle is both narrative and has something for the haters. “I don’t care what you all tweet,” Papoose continues. “You making me a trending topic you, f*cking geek/ Stepped on the stage with Barkleys on my feet. Started going in as soon as I heard the beat. Kendrick said Pap, ‘You gonna give me beef. You don’t need this sh*t anyway come chill with me in the streets.” (VIBE)

Buzz stirred across the Internet earlier this month over him allegedly stealing the shine by bum-rushing Summer Jam XX.

While everyone that was set up and scheduled to perform at Hot 97’s Summer Jam XX did their thing. New York City’s own, Papoose, decided to take things into his own hands as he rushed the stage for an impromptu performance. Pap quickly ran onto the stage, grabbed the mic, and ran through his track “Get At Me” for the crowd as the show closed out. (Stupid Dope)

Hot 97 program director Ebro addressed what took place following Pap’s performance.

Shortly after Summer Jam ended, Hot 97’s program director and morning show co-host Ebro Darden took to Twitter to react to the situation. Ebro claimed that Pap had not been expected to perform at Summer Jam, and implied that the Brooklyn rapper had snuck onto the stage. Obviously not pleased by this assessment, Pap responded to the claims, tweeting at Ebro and stating that the Hot 97 head honcho knew very well of this performance. (Complex)

Some clarity on what really went down surfaced the next day.

Upset about the comments, the rapper responded at Ebro (also via Twitter @PapooseOnline), stating that he well aware of the performance. But, they continued to argue… with no conclusion on the matter. Monday morning (June 3), during Hot 97’s “The Realness,” the situation was somewhat cleared up with Peter Rosenberg explaining that, before the show, he got a call from Kendrick Lamar’s people, who told him they would be bringing out Papoose. Supposedly, Rosenberg didn’t tell Ebro, which is where the confusion came in. (Baller Status)

Check out Papoose’s “Open Letter” Freestyle:

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