OutKast Producer Breaks Some Big Andre 3000 & Big Boi In-Studio News

OutKast Producer Breaks Some Big Andre 3000 & Big Boi In-Studio News

Days after rap veteran Queen Latifah downed rumors about an OutKast reunion album coming together, new reports claim both Andre 3000 and Big Boi have solo efforts in the works.

According to longtime OutKast producer Mr. DJ, individual material has started to pile up.

The best way to figure that out would be to monitor the activity going on in Stankonia Studios, the band’s longtime workspace in Atlanta. Both Dre and Big Boi have been recording there as of late, sparking speculation around a new Outkast album. In reality, they’ve been laying tracks down for respective solo projects, according to Mr. DJ, the group’s longtime producer. He’s not certain, but–brace yourself–he believes 3000 will drop his long-awaited solo album this year. (Revolt TV)

Mr. DJ also predicted a group project could follow their solo releases and a handful of concerts.

Big Boi, meanwhile, also has a fair amount of material recorded for his own solo project, and Mr. DJ was in Stankonia with him just last week laying tracks down for it. The bigger plan at hand, it seems, is for both MCs to go on their 40-date festival run, drop solo projects, and then get back in the studio for a group project. Going on tour, Mr. DJ says, should help rekindle their creative relationship. (Revolt TV)

A few days ago, Queen Latifah denied being behind making a new OutKast album statement.

“PS: the rumor mill says I predicted an @Outkast album…except I didn’t. Sorry to get twitter a flutter. XO,” Latifah tweeted January 16. (Queen Latifah’s Twitter)

Earlier this month, buzz about OutKast putting together a reunion project heated up the Internet.

OutKast will embark on 40-date festival run later this year, so the rumors of a new album should only intensify. But last night on Howard Stern’s radio show, former Kast manager Queen Latifah dumped a whole gallon of gasoline on those dreams, telling Stern that Big Boi and Andre 3000 are “about to work on a new album.” (Complex)

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