Onyx’s Fredro Starr Puts DMX On Blast? “X Talking Sh*t Right – If His Crew Front, Be A Lot Of Dying Men” [Video]

Onyx’s Fredro Starr Puts DMX On Blast? “X Talking Sh*t Right – If His Crew Front, Be A Lot Of Dying Men” [Video]

Former Ruff Ryders leader DMX has apparently ruffled the feathers of Onyx’s Fredro Starr as the hip-hop veteran has publicly gone after his neck in a new freestyle video clip.

Although there is no real context behind the speculated feud, Fredro hints at X sparking their problems within the rap.

“A lot of n*ggas think they Ironmen, they lying men,” Fredro raps. “Just roll me in the lion’s den/Talking about real hip-hop/I am him/A lot of haters want the fire to end, don’t want the fire to wind/But I’ve got the fire and desire to win/Won’t stop until I cop a f*cking flying Benz/This n*gga X talking sh*t right/If he ever try it again/Huh, he be in front of the firing pen/If his crew front, be a lot of dying men/At the funeral, family and crying friends/Let’s get back to money/We go together like tire and rims/You wanna ball, we can go as high as the rim/So much weed smoke, time to call the fire men/We got the cocaine, n*gga, flying in/Any way you want it, any way you need it, my n*ggas be supplying them/When the new J’s came out, I was buying ten…” (16 Bars W/ Firestarr)

In the late 1990’s, DMX appeared on Onyx’s Shut ‘Em Down group album.

Onyx returned in 1998 with their third album Shut ‘Em Down, which featured appearances from DMX, Lost Boyz, Raekwon, Method Man, Big Pun, Noreaga and a then-unknown 50 Cent. This album found critical as well as commercial success. The album produced two singles “React” and “Shut ‘Em Down”, the latter featuring DMX. After leaving Def Jam, the group returned in 2002 with Bacdafucup Part II and “Sa’ad Part 4″ released on Koch Records, Followed by the 2003 release Triggernometry on D3 Entertainment. (Wikipedia)

Over the winter, X publicly revealed his issues with certain rappers including Miami’s Rick Ross and Young Money’s Drake.

“Rick Ross ‘looks’ more like Biggie,” X said, speaking to “Breakfast Club” co-host Charlamagne Tha God. “[He’s got lyrics?] Well I guess, I guess, I guess. I’m just not impressed, man. I’m not impressed. … He’s aight, man, he just talks about eating, girlfriends too much. How much can a n*gga eat? How much weed can you smoke? Like, aight. Let’s talk about something else. I know you got the Maybach, the Ashton Martin, OK. Good for you, d*mn. Come on. I see a whole ‘nother side of the coin, son.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Recently, Onyx’s Sticky Fingaz hit up SOHH and talked about the crew’s run in hip-hop.

“Onyx was so authentic. We ain’t drop an album in 10 years. Online we just dropped an album the other day. It’s a digital release on onyxdomain.com That’s the only place you can get it. It’s like a prequel to the album to come — like a collection of unreleased material that we just threw out there for the hardcore Onyx fans. Onyx was so authentic when doing our stuff, and sticking to the craft and the art of it that we didn’t release an album in 10 years and we’re still traveling the world. We’re still packing houses; still nice. We’ll go to a show or a concert, different city, different country, and will do a rap session with other dudes and da-da-da-da-da and we still shutting them down.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Check out Fredro Starr’s freestyle below:

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