Omarion Still Speechless Over MMG Signing, “Maybach O. That’s The New Movement”

Omarion Still Speechless Over MMG Signing, “Maybach O. That’s The New Movement”

Less than 24 hours after publicly announcing his partnership with rap star Rick Ross‘ Maybach Music Group label, R&B singer Omarion has come forward to discuss the power move.

Still at a loss for words since yesterday’s publicized Maybach Music Group press conferences, O said Ricky Rozay simply believes in him.

“Maybach O. That’s the new movement, man. I’m so excited. I can’t even express, you know, how excited I am, you know what I mean? And just how this whole thing came along, man, it’s just…It’s been a blessing. There’s a difference between your time and when you want to do things and God’s time, you know what I mean? And this right here man, it’s been God’s time. … And for him to just say, “Yo, I believe in you man.” I think that… You know, he played me some music and really, it’s kind of where I always wanted to go. And that’s kind of been a challenge for me too, being a young entertainer is it’s like I’ve been a part of so much, you know what I mean? Like, I’ve been a part of so much.” (XXL Mag)

SOHH, amongst other select media outlets, was on hand for yesterday’s announcement.

Omarion has signed to MMG. The first official Maybach Music Group/Omarion record is called “Let’s Talk” and features a Notorious B.I.G. sample from “Big Poppa.” French Montana also appeared at the press conference, confirming his upcoming album is called Excuse My French and is slated to drop July 17th. (SOHH)

Omarion also hopped on Twitter to confirm his new allegiance.

“#MaybachO,” he tweeted May 2nd.

“Trending worldwide #MMG #MaybachO #Omarion #TeamOmarion we welcome all the hate & the’s Christ like.”

“#mmaaaaaayyyyybbbbaacccchhhh music!”

“Nothing with out my fans that’s been holding me down!! I love ya.” (Omarion’s Twitter)

Last month, speculation developed suggesting O officially joined Ricky Rozay’s team.

According to a reliable source within the Maybach Music Group camp pieces are falling into place. “Yes, I think its safe to say Omarion is MMG.” As the Maybach Music empire continues to evolve it may not end there. Seems as if there is another offer on the table, “I don’t want to let no cats out the bag but we’ll see what’s good with Ma$e.” When pressed about what the roster may look like in the upcoming months, “As far as newest members Omarion and shout out to Ma$e if he wants to get down with this movement then we’ll see what happens.” (The Source)

Check out some pre-MMG footage of Omarion below:

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