Olivia & Somaya Reece Tensions Intensify, “I Talked Gangsta To Her Face & She Ran” [Audio]

Olivia & Somaya Reece Tensions Intensify, “I Talked Gangsta To Her Face & She Ran” [Audio]

“Love & Hip-Hop” reality television stars Olivia Longott and Somaya Reece‘s issues with one another are far from over as both entertainers elaborate on their grievances.

In Olivia’s eyes, Reece is primarily focused on stirring up issues just to receive attention.

“She’s one of those people who does things for shock value and when she realizes what she’s done, she tries to take it back and act like nothing happened, and she wants to be your friend and apologizing,” Olivia explained. “And I don’t do that; if I don’t rock with you, I don’t rock with you, period. I don’t do nothing for the camera…so if she’s going to act like that and try to take it back afterwards, you look crazy.” (Dr Jays)

Reece said her problems with Olivia reached a point where she made the R&B singer run away from a confrontation.

“I talked gangsta to her face, and she ran into a security van; you can definitely post that. And that’s what that came down to. You’re going to see it on the episode. I wasn’t lying about it, it’s the truth; it’s what happened. Ask [‘Love & Hip-Hop’ co-stars] Emily, ask Chrissy, ask anybody. They tried to get her out of the van, and she refused to come out.” (Dr Jays)

Olivia recently talked to SOHH about her stance toward Reece.

“There was never a relationship with her,” Olivia told SOHH referring to Somaya Reece. “Chrissy [Lampkin], Emily [Bustamante] and I were the ones shooting the show together and they brought her in as the last girl for what you saw on TV. That [promo] clip you see her was actually for the show, so it came out early and people thought it was a crazy beef and I actually do not mess with that girl at all. So that’s what that is. No. I’m definitely not her friend. Just because you see us on the show [doesn’t mean anything]. I’m not fronting for the cameras at all. So you’ll be able to tell who I like and who I don’t like.” (SOHH)

Last September, rumors hit the Internet claiming there were bad feelings shared between Reece and Olivia.

Recently the two attended an event in New York – and our witnesses say Somaya approached Olivia who’d been talking about her behind her back and comfronted her on it calling her every name in the book, and our snitches say Somaya put Olivia to tears and she ran away like a little blonde girl. Hold up, ain’t Olivia supposed to be gangsta??! (Carlton Jordan)

Check out Olivia & Somaya Reece’s interviews below:

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