Olivia On Lloyd Banks’ “Beamer” Success, “I Always Thought He Was Dope” [Video]

Olivia On Lloyd Banks’ “Beamer” Success, “I Always Thought He Was Dope” [Video]

R&B singer Olivia recently spoke with SOHH about the sudden success of her former G-Unit label mate Lloyd Banks‘ song “Beamer, Benz or Bentley”.

Olivia also addressed a recent joke Banks made in a previous interview when he playfully called her out for lying.

“See, most people don’t understand when you’re doing a written interview, everybody takes it another way, it seems like ‘Oh, he’s trying to be…’ no d*ckhead, he’s being funny,” Olivia told SOHH. “We’re all in the same crew, we all say stuff, but that was him trying to get a jab back when I was on Ed Lover going ‘Ah, he’s always late!’ [laughs] When I was in the group, I always told everybody he was my favorite lyricist, so everybody knows that. and that’s probably why everybody used to be like, ‘Oh, they’re boyfriend and girlfriend.’ No dummy, he’s just hot [lyrically.] I’m glad he’s getting the success off this record, I think it’s long-awaited, I always thought he was dope. The record is hot. Juelz [Santana] just added more to it and I just want him to be back in New York to promote the record.” (SOHH)

Banks recently poked fun at Olivia in an interview when asked to personify her as either a Beamer, Benz or Bentley.

“[Laughs] Shout out to Olivia, man, she’s keep poking at me in f*ckin’ interviews and sh*t–lying on me. I don’t know; I’m gonna hold off on her because she might say some sh*t that make me call her another car.” (XXL Mag)

Earlier this month, the “Punch Line King” promised to release regional remixes of his new hit record.

“I’ve got so much love and a good response on this record that it’s actually going to have to be more than one remix because it goes by markets,” Banks told VIBE, careful not to drop names. “You got Down South, you got the West coast, you got the East coast. Different regions take different records. I thought the Maino version was cool, I like the Joe Budden verse. Fab is cool too and there’s so many more, but those are the ones that stick out to me. They’re playing that Joell Ortiz version a lot in NY, too. I still think mine is the tightest, but hey [laughs].” (VIBE)

Juelz Santana recently talked about the song’s creation alongside Banks.

“I knew what that song was gonna be when we did the record,” Juelz said about his duet with Banks. “The beat is so unique, then you got two artists that’s never done a record before. And it’s a record that people would like to hear. It’s a ‘hood record and we was both spitting on there — you rarely get that anymore, especially with two artists like me and Banks.” (MTV)

Check out Olivia speaking with SOHH about Lloyd Banks below:

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