Olivia Maintains A Strict, No-Rapper Diet

Olivia Maintains A Strict, No-Rapper Diet

With her new reality series “Love & Hip-Hop” currently airing on VH1, SOHH recently reached out to R&B heartthrob Olivia Longott to find out her policy on dating rappers.

Having been the run of the rumor mill courtesy of DJ Whoo Kid speculating that she previously dated former G-Unit member Young Buck, Olivia said she steers clear of rapper romances.

“Me personally, I don’t do rappers, I never have,” Olivia told SOHH when asked if she is up for dating hip-hop artists. “I really prefer athletes. That’s who I’ve always dated. And [DJ] Whoo Kid and I have always joked and we still joke to this day. Like, I strangle him every time I see him and he thinks it’s all fun and games. He’s just retarded. [laughs] There’s no specific guys [I’m checking for]. [NBA star] Amar’e [Stoudemire] and I are actually friends. I’ve known him since he was on [the Phoenix [Suns]. My manager actually manages one of his artists so that [dating] rumor was actually very hilarious to me. I don’t actually have anybody in particular. It’s just who I meet and will spark my interest.” (SOHH)

In December, R&B singer Keri Hilson also spoke on her “no-rapper” preferences.

“When you mix a man who has popularity, who has money, who has b*tches, that’s a scary thing for me. It doesn’t speak to my insecurities, it’s just not the type of man that I want and I think I’m not the type of girl they want. I have a brain, I’m a little more than they bargained for.” (“Chelsea Lately”)

Olivia’s “Love & Hip-Hop” co-star Emily Bustamante recently discussed her relationship with her boyfriend, rapper Fabolous.

“He’ll go on the radio and they’ll ask, ‘Are you single?’ And he’ll say ‘As a dollar bill.’ But it’s funny because he’ll text me, and be like, ‘Don’t listen to the radio.’ I honestly feel and believe that [Fab the rapper] is a personality.” (Juicy Magazine)

Besides dating, the singer recently talked to SOHH about her motivation behind getting involved in the new reality series.

“I really want everybody to see my personality. I felt like everybody only saw me as the pretty girl in G-Unit and nobody really knew who I was. That’s actually one of the main reasons why I decided to do the show. I wanted them to be able to get a glimpse of who I am and feel like they can understand me now. I felt like before they didn’t really have a clue with who I was, even though I was on J Records, you only had a little bit because I was the experimental artist there. And then going to G-Unit, I was stuffed into a group instead of being a solo artist.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Check out a past Olivia interview below:

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