Olivia Isn’t Sweet On Somaya Reece’s Pieces

Olivia Isn’t Sweet On Somaya Reece’s Pieces

After a steamy trailer for Olivia‘s upcoming “Love & Hip Hop” VH1 TV series displayed tension between her and rapper Somaya Reece, SOHH hit up the R&B singer to get the inside scoop.

Despite the hot trailer’s implications, Olivia said she keeps her distance from Reece on the upcoming reality series.

“There was never a relationship with her,” Olivia told SOHH referring to Somaya Reece. “Chrissy [Lampkin], Emily [Bustamante] and I were the ones shooting the show together and they brought her in as the last girl for what you saw on TV. That [promo] clip you see her was actually for the show, so it came out early and people thought it was a crazy beef and I actually do not mess with that girl at all. So that’s what that is. No. I’m definitely not her friend. Just because you see us on the show [doesn’t mean anything]. I’m not fronting for the cameras at all. So you’ll be able to tell who I like and who I don’t like.” (SOHH)

Last September, rumors hit the Internet claiming there were bad feelings shared between Reece and Olivia.

Recently the two attended an event in New York – and our witnesses say Somaya approached Olivia who’d been talking about her behind her back and comfronted her on it calling her every name in the book, and our snitches say Somaya put Olivia to tears and she ran away like a little blonde girl. Hold up, ain’t Olivia supposed to be gangsta??! (Carlton Jordan)

A month later, Reece came forward and discussed her issues with Olivia.

“I’m happy she’s doing her thing, she’s trying to do a comeback because I do believe everybody deserves that but this chick, from the moment I met her, is bad energy,” Reece told DJ Vlad in an interview. “She’s phony, she’s talking sh*t about my homegirl. The sad part about it is she doesn’t even know me, she has no idea where I come from and she should be happy I’m talking about her because I’m making her relevant again, Olivia, which is what you want because I know you need the money because you’re trying to get out of your mama’s house which is where you live — I know at the end of the day, you are manipulative, you’re bad energy — after I sized you up, you just ran away like a little b*tch into a van and you wouldn’t come out.” (Vlad TV)

Bad blood aside, Olivia and Reece will both grace the small screen when “Love & Hip Hop” premieres through VH1 on March 14th.

VH1’s new docu-soap series “Love & Hip Hop” follows four women who share one common bond: their connection to the hip-hop world…through their men and their careers. This 8-part series captures the struggles of Chrissy and Emily, who both date rappers and must navigate their relationships while still maintaining a sense of self. Somaya and Olivia are both recording artists trying to break through in the male-dominated hip-hop industry. These four women struggle against shifting loyalties, family drama and the pressures of trying to make it in the hip hop game. (VH1)

“Love & Hip Hop” premieres Monday, March 14th via VH1 at 10:30 PM EST

Check out a trailer from the show below:

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