Olivia Comes Clean On Licking Maino Down, “All I’m Saying Is My [New] Boyfriend Is…” [Audio]

Olivia Comes Clean On Licking Maino Down, “All I’m Saying Is My [New] Boyfriend Is…” [Audio]

R&B singer Olivia has stepped forward to clear the air on the emerged photos showing her engaged in a liplock with  Brooklyn rapper Maino, claiming she is currently in a new relationship.

Confirming a fling with Maino did take place, Olivia revealed the identity of her new love interest.

“Those are old memories like I said, girl, I don’t even have those pictures, how about that?,” Olivia said in an interview. “All I’m saying is my boyfriend is [professional basketball player] Tarence Kinsey, that’s all I’m saying. [We’ve been dating] for about two or three months now…[How did Tarence react?] It’s a seven hour time difference [where he’s at overseas] so I said you know what, let me be the first person to hit him up when it came out. It was like 3 AM my time and I told him to make sure he called me when he got up before practice and he did and then I explained it to him and he knew it was old anyway because he was like ‘you don’t have that tat on your hand so I know its old.'” (“Morning Riot”)

Last week, Maino got on Twitter and poked fun at the photos.

“2 words: Publicity Stunt!!!,” he tweeted November 2nd.

“F*ck outta here!!! That aint me in those pics, it was @unclemurda!!! Foreal! Lol”

“I was framed!!!! Haaaaaaaaa!!!” (Maino’s Twitter)

Despite Maino’s jokes, Olivia reportedly denied the current romance fling speculation.

“Sorry to burst yall bubble this morning but those are old memories. #Asyouwere,” before carrying on with life as she knows it. But before anyone could blink an eye, Olivia tweeted”only person I’m with is @TK_Kinsey !!!!! They tried to burst my happy bubble this morn #aintgonnahappen.” (Fresh Like Dougie)

Photos of the now-rumored ex-couple began circulating online a few days ago.

Um. Love & Hip Hop’s Olivia may just have a new boo this season (sorry, Darrelle Revis) and the culprit is NY rapper Maino. Could this just be really good for TV promo? The new season of the “reality” show premieres November 14 on VH1, so the timing is perfect for this. We have to admit, though-this is strange. (VIBE Vixen)

Check out Olivia’s interview below:

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