Odd Future’s Tyler Wants Justin Bieber To Go Bad, “I Want To Take Him Egging Cars & F*cking Sh*t Up”

Odd Future’s Tyler Wants Justin Bieber To Go Bad, “I Want To Take Him Egging Cars & F*cking Sh*t Up”

Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator recently talked about his burgeoning work relationship with teen sensation Justin Bieber and how he would love to bring him into his world.

Co-signing Bieber, Tyler said, if given the chance, he would bring out the dark side of him.

“We [were] kicking it with him for like 10, 20 minutes. He’s a chill dude. First thing he was like, ‘Oh, I just finished talking about your video, that sh– was crazy,” Tyler said. “He just started asking me questions about my sh–, and it was kind of weird because I was going to ask him sh–. But he was intrigued enough [about] what we had going on…I want to take him egging cars and f—ing sh– up and paintball and just go skate and go do fun sh– that I feel like he hasn’t been able to do.” (MTV)

In late February, Tyler posted photos hanging out with Bieber.

One of the weirdest things going on re: Odd Future lately is their utter obsession with Justin Bieber, who they’ve been trying to court on Twitter for some time. It appears that their efforts paid off: This weekend, Tyler the Creator tweeted some pictures of him hanging with the Biebz. Seriously. The dude behind “Yonkers” is hanging with a dude with that haircut. The funniest part is that Biebs couldn’t really Tweet Tyler’s Twitter name because of the “f*ck.” (Prefix Mag)

Outside of Bieber, Tyler recently expressed his admiration for rap star Kanye West.

“I’m coming for Kanye West’s head because he’s my competition, Tyler said during his mtvU Woodies pre-show interview. He then partially backpedaled, changing course to praise Kanye. “I’m a big Kanye West fan, and I also compose music and I rap and I direct videos, and I don’t want him to think he’s the only person that could do that… My competition isn’t other upcoming rappers and s—. It’s him.” (Buzz Worthy)

Last month, Kanye West gave his co-sign of Tyler’s “Yonkers” music video.

Odd Future may have popped up on hip-hop’s radar seemingly out of nowhere, but the L.A.-based hip-hop collective has been making a name for themselves for quite some time. A recent visit to ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,’ where they performed ‘Sandwitches,’ put them on mainstream’s map as well as garnered them a bunch of new fans, one being Kanye West. Kanye, known for his Twitter rants, took to the social networking site on Wednesday (Feb. 23) to tweet about Odd Future member Tyler the Creator’s video for his track ‘Yonkers,’ dubbing it “the video of 2011.” (The Boom Box)

Check out Tyler the Creator’s “Yonkers” music video down below:

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