Odd Future Locks In, Cranks That Soulja Boy

Odd Future Locks In, Cranks That Soulja Boy

West Coast rap group Odd Future are reportedly looking to branch out their brand by linking up with Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em for a few collaborations.

According to Soulja Boy, the West Coast rap newcomers extended their hands to him.

“Shouts out to Tyler, the Creator, he’s chill,” Soulja Boy said in an interview. “Shouts out to Taco. I chill with Taco in L.A. Shouts out to the whole Odd Future. The Super 3 from Odd Future, they produced a couple tracks from my last mixtape [1UP]. They doin’ they thang and they doin’ it originally from the ground up without the label, so salute…They already reached out for me to do a verse on a song. I just gotta do it — They mess with [West Coast rapper] Lil B. I mess with Lil B. I’d do a song with them.” (Rap-Up)

In early May, The Clipse’s Pusha T talked about befriending Tyler the Creator at his “My God” music video shoot and what the future holds for Odd.

“Tyler’s such a fan, came to our video and said, ‘Yo, I have three beats that I made for you … and just know they’re for you. Please … hear it.’ He sends them over … I was like this is aight, this is aight, but the third one. He said, ‘I put a verse on it and Hodgy put a verse on it.’ [You’re] gonna be so amazed at the marriage, some things don’t always mesh man. But these guys are super-super talented. I can’t wait for the world to see each of our talents collide.” (The BVX)

Grammy-winning pop star Adele recently revealed her admiration toward Odd Future.

Her love for music spans farther than just melodic singers. Adele has got a love for Odd Future as well: “They’re refreshing, but my fans weren’t happy when I posted their video on my blog.” (Rolling Stone)

Last month, Crooked I hit up SOHH and shared a West Coast perspective on the hip-hop collective.

“Odd Future has a crazy cult following, big shows, high-energy sh*t when they’re on stage,” Crooked I told SOHH. “It’s a good thing. I look at people like that, groups like that, groups like Pav Div, Dom Kennedy, Blu, Kendrick Lamar, Horseshoe Gang. I look at all the emerging acts on the West Coast right now and I see how it’s going to form and I see who the new kings of the West Coast are going to be and who the new guys are that are going to represent and take it to another level. It’s a good thing because for a minute there, we was trapped in some f*cking Chevy and Chuck Taylors. That’s not no disrespect, but that ain’t the West Coast right now. We was trapped in that time warp and couldn’t get out of that sh*t. The public wouldn’t even let us out but now I’m seeing these new acts coming out and things are working out like they’re supposed to. It’s a great representation of 2011 West Coast sh*t out there right now.” (SOHH)

Check out a recent Odd Future interview below:

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