Obie Trice “Special Reserve 2″ Possible, “We Have More Material”

Obie Trice “Special Reserve 2″ Possible, “We Have More Material”

With the recent release of Obie Trice and producer MoSS‘s Special Reserve album, SOHH hit up the man behind the beats to find out if a follow-up could be in place.

According to MoSS, there is still more unreleased material, however, an urge to put out a Special Reserve 2 is not yet there.

“I mean, we have more material but I’m not sure,” MoSS told SOHH. “The bonus track, we had put it out in the 90’s and so the people that picked up on our music back then, we were able to show them a different side of that song. I saw it on YouTube a few times with people making a video with the original — but this was a way for us to give them something, for the people that were checking for us back then. We have more material but I don’t see that material ever coming out in the future, in my opinion. Things could change, but I don’t see it. [Special Reserve 2] is something me and Obie would have to talk about and obviously he would have to see how things go with his records. I guess I can say as an artist, it won’t not happen, but I can’t say it’s gonna happen” (SOHH)

Obie recently spoke with SOHH about working on the project with MoSS.

“MoSS is doing his music thing, he’s in Toronto and I’m in Detroit,” Obie told SOHH about their distance apart. “And we never really, really, really talked about it. He had the idea to put [the unreleased tracks] out there and I thought it was good idea — and being the type of person that I am with my music, I’m real passionate about my music. I ain’t the mixtape dude, I ain’t the Internet dude. He felt like he wanted to do this, he was the producer and he’s a great producer so I’m all for it.” (SOHH)

Trice also told SOHH the disc was composed of pre-Shady Records material.

“Me and my man [MoSS] from Toronto, h*ll of a producer, we’re putting the music out there that we did back in the day and just putting it out there, it’s some old-school, new-school hip-hop sh*t,” Obie told SOHH. “When Bottom’s Up comes out, then we’ll talk about that Shady sh*t. This is some of the music that signed me to Eminem‘s label.” (SOHH)

The album consists of 11 songs which includes one bonus record.

Special Reserve: Welcome. Got Hungry. You’ve Been Slain. On & On. I Am. 4 Stories. Roughnecks featuring Deuce Wonder. Cool Cat. What You Want. Jack My D*ck. Dope, Jobs, Homeless. (Special Reserve)

Check out MoSS speaking on the album below:

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