Obie Trice Recalls Eminem Getting Booed, Nearly Quitting Rap

Obie Trice Recalls Eminem Getting Booed, Nearly Quitting Rap

After Eminem recently revealed he nearly quit rap after getting booed at his first public concert, SOHH reached out to his longtime friend and ex-Shady Records protégé Obie Trice for his reaction.

Obie embraced Em’s inability to quit and considered what factors may have led to the negative reaction during his pre-fame days.

“I knew that when that happened to him, but that’s just part of the game. I remember doing shows in New York back in the day where the crowd was just staring at me. I was trying my best to get some type of reaction, and that didn’t happen at that time until later on in my career when they just started knowing who I was,” Obie told SOHH. “So, I believe that’s part of the whole process of getting to know an artist and listening to his music. Eminem, at the time, was a breaking-through artist. He was a White dude back when hip-hop was mainly just Black culture. So, you know, he probably had a lot of different hurdles [more]than the norm, but quitting is not an option. You take a hiatus, but I don’t believe in quitting.” (SOHH)

Recently, Em delved into nearly putting up the microphone before even having a chance to shine.

Eminem almost quit rap after his first ever public performance. The ‘Stan’ hitmaker started out battle rapping in Detroit in the early 90s, but was so embarrassed when he was booed he almost quit entirely. He said: “The first time I rapped in front of actual people that mattered, in a club, I got booed. And it was very traumatic for me. I just remember it being so f***ing traumatic, and I think I went home and I was like, man, I quit. “And you know a week later, a day later, an hour later I got the urge, and I was like, I gotta get up, I gotta do it again.” (The List)

Earlier this month, Marshall Mathers credited hip-hop fans for saving his life.

The 39-year-old told hundreds Thursday night that he “wouldn’t have gotten out of that dark place without y’all” before he performed the Grammy-winning song “Not Afraid.” He said the performance was “dedicated to anybody tonight who’s been through personal struggles.” Eminem’s addiction and climb to sobriety is detailed in his 2010 album “Recovery.” It was that year’s best-selling album. At the Hammerstein Ballroom the rapper performed more than a dozen songs at an event for the watch brand G-Shock, including the hits “Lose Yourself,” ”Love the Way You Lie” and “The Real Slim Shady.” (Wall Street Journal)

Outside of the industry pressures, music veteran Elton John revealed his past involvement in Em’s road to recovery from drug addiction back in 2010.

“I’ve been helping Eminem over the last 18 months and he’s doing brilliantly,” John says, reports the British Press Association. Speaking to BBC Radio 5 in the U.K. on Saturday, Sir Elton, 62, who has freely spoken about his own past issues with substance abuse, said: “I’m there if people want my help. If people ask for help you tell them where to go but there’s no point advising people if they don’t want to do it.” (People)

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