Obama Logs On, Plans Weekly YouTube Messages To The American Public

Barack Obama


President-elect Barack Obama has announced today (November 14) a new plan to begin recording weekly Democratic addresses for YouTube and radio broadcast this weekend.

According to Variety, Obama will extend his stride in history making, along with being the first ever U.S. African-American President, by taping his messages to the nation prior to his January inauguration, and proceeding to broadcast them throughout his run in office.

"President-elect Obama will continue to record and make available the Democratic radio address on video when he is in the White House," a transition team member told Variety. "No President-elect has ever turned the radio address into a multimedia opportunity before. This is just one of many ways that President-elect Obama will communicate directly with the American people and make the White House and the political process more transparent."

Aiming to develop a closer relationship to the American citizens via the Internet much like former President Franklin D. Roosevelt did with his radio messages, Obama is expected to build off the online success.

"The Obama team has written the playbook on how to use YouTube for political campaigns," YouTube rep Steve Grove told Variety. "Obama told us in a YouTube interview last year that he plans to have ‘fireside chats’ on video, and we expect his administration will launch a White House YouTube channel very soon after taking office."

Viewers are expected to witness video interviews, Q&A sessions along with a more transparent image of the White House.

The videos will reportedly be posted every Saturday.

As previously reported by SOHH, Obama’s run to the presidency has been led by innovative methods and high usage of online resources.

Competing against Republican presidential candidate John McCain, ads from Obama were featured in nine popular Electronic Arts (EA) games, including the mega-selling football release Madden ’09 and street racing game Burnout: Paradise, in the form of billboards and banners, according to the Associated Press.

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