Obama Ads Featured In Video Games

Barack Obama

Democrat presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama continues to make history, becoming the first presidential candidate to purchase ad space inside video games.

According to the Associated Press, ads from the presidential hopeful’s campaign are currently being featured in nine popular Electronic Arts (EA) games, including the mega-selling football release Madden ’09 and street racing game Burnout: Paradise, in the form of billboards and banners.

The main target with this never-before-seen strategy appears to be luring in the youth vote.

“It reaches an audience that is typically hard to reach — young males, roughly 18 to 34,” EA spokeswoman Holly Rockwood told the AP. “That’s very appealing to our advertisers.”

Focused primarily on gamers with an interest in sports, the temporary in-game campaigning technique is particularly beneficial in today’s times with all online games having the ability to update once connected to the Internet, allowing current Barack advertisements to show up in discs released as late as January 2008.

Obama has continued to break thresholds becoming America’s first black presidential candidate. Along with Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden, Obama will take-on Republican candidate John McCain and his VP Sarah Palin for the presidency next month. Their next schedule debate is on tonight at 9 pm EST.

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