NYC Club Reopens After Chris Brown/Drake Brawl, Glassware Banned

NYC Club Reopens After Chris Brown/Drake Brawl, Glassware Banned

The infamous New York City nightclub where music stars Chris Brown and Drake’s entourages had their publicized brawl at is reportedly opening back up for business.

After closing its doors for nearly a month, Greenhouse is now welcoming partygoers back in.

A downtown Manhattan nightclub shuttered after a melee among singer Chris Brown and members of rapper Drake’s crew, has gotten back its liquor license and plans to reopen Tuesday. Greenhouse’s liquor license was yanked last month after a bottle-throwing brawl on June 14 in the SoHo club’s basement lounge, called W.i.P. The clash reportedly was triggered by Brown and Drake’s relationship with pop star Rihanna. (Newsday)

The club, however, will not be allowed to provide glassware to its guests.

There will be a few changes, though. Given that the melee was keyed by a thrown glass bottle of champagne (well, also, allegedly, a note from Drake, but correspondence can’t be outlawed, per the First Amendment), Greenhouse will no longer be providing glassware to its guests; instead, red solo cups, much like the ones found at frat parties and the basements of high school kids whose parents are gone for the weekend. The club will also lead the charge in nightlife security innovations by checking the bags of its visitors. “We will be focused on providing a safe and fun atmosphere for our customers,” Greenhouse said in a statement. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Initial plans were for the club to reopen over the weekend.

After a high-profile shutdown that involved a nexus of outrage gathering local politicians, celebrities, and nightlife, the SoHo nightclub that yielded the thrown bottle heard ’round the world–W.I.P., the site of the Drake and Chris Brown brawl–is on the way to re-opening. The Observer has heard from multiple sources that W.I.P. (the site of the brawl) and Greenhouse (the club that it was spawned from, which shares the same property and address) can operate again, and will do so beginning on July 8th. A spokesperson for the club confirmed: W.I.P./Greenhouse has reached an agreement–“in principle”–with the city to reopen in the coming week. (Observer)

It had its liquor license suspended around mid-June in light of multiple club violations.

The New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) ordered the booze ban last night, citing “ten separate assault and altercations beginning on March 11 2012, and leading up to a large brawl at the club on June 14, 2012″ — the night of the Drake vs. Chris Brown fight. The SLA says it has hit the club with 17 Alcoholic Beverage Control Law violations … including drug activity (twice) … lack of supervision … using the name “W.I.P.” without SLA authorization … and “becoming a drain on police resources.” According to the SLA, the ban is “effective immediately … no alcohol can be served or consumed on the premises.” Following the brawl, the club was shut down by the NYPD … now it seems highly unlikely the place will ever open its doors again. (TMZ)

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