NYC Club Preps To Reopen After Drake/Chris Brown Fight, Projected Date Revealed

NYC Club Preps To Reopen After Drake/Chris Brown Fight, Projected Date Revealed

New York City nightclub W.i.P. is looking to reopen weeks after the publicized Drake/Chris Brown brawl and having its liquor license suspended.

According to reports, the club could reopen as early as next weekend.

After a high-profile shutdown that involved a nexus of outrage gathering local politicians, celebrities, and nightlife, the SoHo nightclub that yielded the thrown bottle heard ’round the world–W.I.P., the site of the Drake and Chris Brown brawl–is on the way to re-opening. The Observer has heard from multiple sources that W.I.P. (the site of the brawl) and Greenhouse (the club that it was spawned from, which shares the same property and address) can operate again, and will do so beginning on July 8th. A spokesperson for the club confirmed: W.I.P./Greenhouse has reached an agreement–“in principle”–with the city to reopen in the coming week. (Observer)

The club will try to appeal its liquor suspension in a few days.

A New York City nightclub shut down after a celebrity-studded, bottle-tossing brawl is on track toward reopening next month. City lawyers told a court Friday they and the owners of Greenhouse had reached an understanding that would let the club reopen July 8. The club has to pay a fine and enhance security. The club still faces another hurdle: Its liquor license has been suspended. It’s challenging the suspension. An administrative hearing is set for Tuesday. (13 WMAZ)

W.i.P. had its liquor license suspended earlier this week and has been shut down since mid-June.

The New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) ordered the booze ban last night, citing “ten separate assault and altercations beginning on March 11 2012, and leading up to a large brawl at the club on June 14, 2012″ — the night of the Drake vs. Chris Brown fight. The SLA says it has hit the club with 17 Alcoholic Beverage Control Law violations … including drug activity (twice) … lack of supervision … using the name “W.I.P.” without SLA authorization … and “becoming a drain on police resources.” According to the SLA, the ban is “effective immediately … no alcohol can be served or consumed on the premises.” Following the brawl, the club was shut down by the NYPD … now it seems highly unlikely the place will ever open its doors again. (TMZ)

Just last week, NBA star Tony Parker filed a $20 million lawsuit against the club.

The club is also facing a $20 million lawsuit from NBA star Tony Parker over injuries he sustained in the fight. The suit centers around many of the same charges the club is facing from the liquor authority: they didn’t do enough to stop the fight, they didn’t have enough security working when the fight started, and they should have known better than to let two guys who’ve publicly feuded for the same girl into the club at the same time. Parker was in the V.I.P. section when the fight broke out, and suffered an injury to his cornea in the ensuing melee. An injury to his eye, the suit argues, isn’t exactly great for Parker’s basketball career. Therefore, $20 million please. (The Atlantic Wire)

Checko out coverage of the club brawl below:

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