NYC Club Fires Back At Tony Parker’s $20 Mil Suit, Denies Responsibility For Drake/Chris Brown Fight

NYC Club Fires Back At Tony Parker’s $20 Mil Suit, Denies Responsibility For Drake/Chris Brown Fight

Two months after NBA star Tony Parker filed a $20 million lawsuit against the nightclub where Drake and Chris Brown allegedly had their summer brawl, W.i.P has fired back and denied having any responsibility for his injuries.

According to reports, W.i.P wants the San Antonio Spurs point guard’s lawsuit dropped in its entirety.

Tony Parker is insane to think the people at W.i.P. nightclub should’ve known about the “bad blood” between Chris Brown and Drake BEFORE their infamous brawl … this according to new legal docs filed by the club. Now the nightclub is firing back, claiming Parker’s got it all wrong … because it’s not the club’s job to keep tabs on its patrons’ personal lives — so it can’t be held responsible for not knowing about the beef. Parker also claims the nightclub supplied booze to extremely intoxicated patrons, which helped fuel the brawl that led to the basketball player’s injuries — but the club says Parker’s got no case … so he can pound sand. W.i.P. wants the lawsuit dismissed in its entirety. A judge has yet to rule. (TMZ)

Reports of Parker’s legal action surfaced online days after the fight went down in June.

The club is also facing a $20 million lawsuit from NBA star Tony Parker over injuries he sustained in the fight. The suit centers around many of the same charges the club is facing from the liquor authority: they didn’t do enough to stop the fight, they didn’t have enough security working when the fight started, and they should have known better than to let two guys who’ve publicly feuded for the same girl into the club at the same time. Parker was in the V.I.P. section when the fight broke out, and suffered an injury to his cornea in the ensuing melee. An injury to his eye, the suit argues, isn’t exactly great for Parker’s basketball career. Therefore, $20 million please. (The Atlantic Wire)

In his suit, Parker claimed to have nearly lost an eye from the violence.

NBA superstar Tony Parker said Friday he was hit in the eye by shards of glass when bottles started flying and exploding at the W.I.P. club. The 6-foot-2-inch point guard said he was living it up with pals at the SoHo nightspot “when a fight broke out” early Thursday between the posses of rapper Drake and R&B star Chris Brown. Parker, who is supposed to play for France in the Summer Olympics next month, said he could have lost an eye. (New York Daily News)

The suit caught the attention of West Coast rapper Game who poked fun at him on his “Burn” freestyle.

“I’m in the kitchen going ham again, we ain’t throwing bottles, n*gga, we go and get them hammers then,” Game raps on the “Burn” remix. “Tony Parker suing, real n*ggas know that that’s h*e sh*t — Whoa, Nelly, where the f*ck is Nelly/Got a b*tch yelling ‘E.I.’ while a n*gga watching Belly/Got a b*tch that love T.I., got a b*tch that love Tunechi/Tell ’em soo woo to the B.I., tell them h*es it’s all Gucci.” (“Burn” Remix)


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