NY Rap Veteran Defends Mister Cee: “He Just Texted Me Back & Said, ‘I Love You Too'”

NY Rap Veteran Defends Mister Cee: “He Just Texted Me Back & Said, ‘I Love You Too'”

Newly reinstated Hot 97 radio personality Mister Cee can smile a bit wider as more hip-hop artists continue to step forward to vouch support for him.

Rap veteran Big Daddy Kane publicly spoke out for Cee and said he would always have the fellow Brooklyn entertainer’s back.

“I haven’t spoken to him about it, I just let the brother know that if he need a corner man, I’m right here, and let him know that I love him,” Kane said regarding the allegations. “He’s family for life. He just texted me back and said, ‘I love you too, and I’m cool.’ He’s done his thing up [at Hot 97] for a long time. I don’t think people understand how amazing that is, because you talk about someone that came in when Naughty By Nature and Onyx was the sh*t, and went out when 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa was. He survived what a lot of people couldn’t. When the music went into the whole gangsta era, there were a lot of DJs who just didn’t wanna play that and couldn’t relate to it. When it changed to the Dirty South sound, a lot of cats couldn’t adjust. He stayed with the times and did what he had to do to stay current and survive it.” (XXL Mag)

Former Flipmode Squad member Rah Digga hopped onto her Twitter page to speak up for Cee and also admitted she experienced some teary emotions during his tell-all explanation Thursday (September 12) morning on Hot 97.

“So umm..I just woke up from a nap. Mr Cee resigned?? WTF??,” she tweeted September 11.

“It’s interesting how everyone keeps injecting themselves in Mr. Cee’s business then act like he owe us an explanation. sigh”

“@KaeAltoBella @whiteoutgotu and then what after he confesses? we gonna rejoice in his honesty..FOH world full of hypocrites”

“@thenotoriousEKB @illaim that’s because people are making it THEIR business. Behind closed doors or front street it’s still HIS business!”

“@whiteoutgotu @KaeAltoBella oh no not yall haha…just people in general”

“IMO Mr. Cee was/is the best DJ @hot97 had/has to offer.”

“@thenotoriousEKB @illaim The rules of fame are always be humble. Nowhere does it state confess all your seedy underworld dealings..”

“@Rosenbergradio the best cry ever…I can’t stand y’all lol,” she tweeted September 12. (Rah Digga’s Twitter)

Back in 2011, New York rapper Prodigy said despite the media hype and reports, Cee can expect support from Mobb Deep no matter his sexual preference.

“I’m just hearing what people saying, and radio, so I really don’t have that much of an opinion about it,” Capital P explained in an interview. “But to each his own man, if it’s really like that. It sounds crazy to me, like Cee is my n*gga. We f*ck with Mister Cee. That n*gga loves Mobb Deep and always shows us love, and plays our music all the time on the radio. He’s one of the only ones that does that. It’s few of them, and he’s one of the main ones. So regardless of what, that n*gga shows us love, and we’re going to show him love back. He’s always going to get new music from us. That n*gga call, we always going to pick up like ‘What’s up? You good?’ If he wants to do a party, whatever. Whatever Mister Cee wants to do, we f*ck with Mister Cee. That’s what it is.” (Complex)

A couple weeks prior to P’s words 50 Cent also vouched his support for Cee in light of negative publicity in light of shemale allegations.

“It’s only entertaining because he means that much to hip-hop culture and his association to it,” 50 told Hot 97 personality Miss Info. “I recognize Mister Cee as the guy who introduced us to 50. So he means that much to the culture. A lot of the kids who hear the radio don’t hear him the same way. I’ve played my albums for Mister Cee. Every album before it came out to see what he thought. When this type of stuff happens, you keep pushing…They can say what they want about it, how about if you say, ‘I’m Rick James, b*tch.’ [laughs] How about if you say I don’t care? Who is to judge you other when there is an audience that’s probably one of the strongest audiences if you look at Lady Gaga’s career that says that that’s fine. If you say it’s not fine, then you’re gonna get attacked. You’re gonna write apology notes.” (Celebrity Drama)

Early Thursday, Cee acknowledged footage surfacing online this week of him with a cross-dresser and claimed that’s what it took to speak out.

“I am tired of trying to do something or be something that I’m not,” Cee said in an interview with the Hot 97 morning show. “I’m tired. I’m tired. Have I lied about getting sexual fellatio in a car with a transsexual? Yes. I have lied about that. I feel bad for the listeners that it did take a video for me to say this. I have been in denial for this for a very, very long time. A very long time. Now, the funny part of it, and I know I’m going to get hit with social media when I say this, but I’m going to say it anyway. Do I consider myself gay? No. I don’t consider myself gay. I do, I have gotten fellatio from transvestites and that’s as far as it went. I’ve never had actual sexual intercouse with another man and vice versa. That has never been done to me. I have had fellatio with a transsexual person. The person who I was in the car with, I knew exactly who that person is. That’s neither he or there.” (Hot 97)

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Check out Mister Cee’s interview:

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