NY Cops Make Man Rap For His Freedom: “They Were Humiliating Me”

NY Cops Make Man Rap For His Freedom: “They Were Humiliating Me”

New York City police are under fire as a local resident has come forward to claim he was forced to perform in front of officers to avoid being arrested and taken to jail.

Details of the controversial treatment to 28-year-old Brooklyn rapper Quinshon “Sauce Da Boss” Shingles surfaced online Tuesday (November 5).

Quinshon Shingles’s coerced ditty about booze, “bitches” and weed was good enough to get him released — and enough to prompt a scathing Brooklyn Federal Court lawsuit. “I felt like they were humiliating me,” said Shingles, whose rap name is “Sauce Da Boss,” to The Post on Tuesday. “They were all Caucasian officers, and I’m a black man, and they had me performing for my freedom. I was really upset.” Shingles, 28, said he, his cousin and another male pal were at the cousin’s East New York home in December 2011 when the plainclothes officers arrived demanding to perform a search, the suit states. (New York Post)

In light of the experience, Shingles is looking to win a lawsuit against the department.

When his friend asked to see a warrant, police backed off and said they’d return with the proper paperwork. Shingles says, however, that the officers came back later that day after convincing the building’s super to give them keys to the apartment. By that time the apartment’s primary resident had stepped out, but Shingles and two other friends remained. The lawsuit states that police handcuffed the men and began searching the home. The police didn’t find anything illegal, but the lawsuit alleges that didn’t stop them from asserting Shingles had to work for his freedom. After finding out that Shingles is an aspiring rapper, police told him that they’d let him go if he rapped for them. Shingles and the friend whose apartment he was at are now suing the NYPD for illegal search and false imprisonment. (Gawker)

Additional reports claim the hip-hop artist is aiming to secure at least $150,000 in damages.

According to the court documents obtained by The Huffington Post, plaintiffs Shingles and his aunt, Donyale Kitchens, are asking for monetary damages in excess of $150,000 for alleged violations of their rights by three police officials on Dec. 4, 2011. Among their grievances, they cite the aforementioned “rapping” incident, in which Shingles was offered his freedom if he could spit some “hot” bars. (Huffington Post)

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