Numbers Don’t Lie? DJ Fact-Checked After Calling Jay Z 50 Years Old

Numbers Don’t Lie? DJ Fact-Checked After Calling Jay Z 50 Years Old

Renowned radio personality Troi “Star” Torain is catching some heat this week after claiming rap mogul Jay Z may have lied about his age and is really 50-years-old.

According to reports, Star recently made the strong proclamation and compared his age to Jigga’s.

New York Radio host DJ Troi Torain (also known professionally as Star) tried to claim Blue Ivy‘s father is 50 years old and not just 44. But, stop the presses, y’all: E! News can confirm that public records show Shawn Corey Carter (yep, that’s his pre-Hova name) was born Dec. 4, 1969. In case you need some help with the math, this makes the king of hip-hop 44 years old–aka his actual age. But on Star: Live and Direct, a certain on-air personality told a different story. “I shouldn’t blow this up, maybe because he doesn’t promote it publicly, but Jay Z and I are the same age,” Star said. “I will be 50 on May 3. He’s 43, 42…that’s just media bulls–t!” (E! Online)

Despite the accusation, public records prove Young Hov is in his mid-40’s.

Actually, any age discrepancies can be attributed to confusion of other people, because as we mentioned, public records confirm Jay is, indeed, a 44-year-old man. That makes the actual age difference between the mogul and 32-year-old wife Bey just 12 years (not 18, although really, age is nothing but a number). A rep for the rapper did not immediately respond to E! News request for comment on the false age claims. (E! Online)

This week, one of Jay’s childhood pals, Edwin “PHADE” Sacasa, revealed being the person behind New York magazine’s throwback cover of the rap star.

“It was my birthday party, so a lot of people showed up [DJ] Red Alert, Jaz-O, the Afros, a lot of cats from Hollis, Queens showed up,” Sacasa recalled. “Jay just happened to be there with Jaz-O. He was a personal friend of the Shirt Kings.” … “In taking that picture, I knew I was capturing the moment because hanging out with this guy since young I already knew that he had phenomenal skills,” Sacasa said. “He was better than anybody that was out… he was already a star in my eyes since he was a kid.” (MTV)

Initial reports claimed New York used a vintage photo of Jay in his late 20’s for the cover.

It hasn’t been that long since Jay Z was throwin up the Roc as a young Hov. For New York magazine’s annual yesteryear issue, the kid version of the rapper-mogul appears in a throwback photo of a 29-year-old Jay, rocking a red cap and a leather jacket, in 1997. The issue, which celebrates the past century of New York music, has seven other covers on deck, including ones with Notorious B.I.G., Madonna and Barbra Streisand. It also contains the Encyclopedia of New York Pop Music. (VIBE)

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