Notorious’ Son & Daughter Keep B.I.G. Alive In “House Of Wallace”

Notorious’ Son & Daughter Keep B.I.G. Alive In “House Of Wallace”

The late Notorious B.I.G.‘s teenage kids will help keep his memory alive in an upcoming animated series called “House of Wallace.”

Details of the animated project and Biggie Smalls’ kids landing starring roles hit the Internet Monday (March 11).

The children of late rapper Notorious B.I.G. will star in an animated series about maintaining the hip-hop legend’s New York City recording studio. Ossian Media announced Monday that “House of Wallace” will feature 16-year-old C.J. Wallace and 19-year-old T’yanna Wallace. The Notorious B.I.G., born Christopher Wallace, was shot to death in 1997. His character will appear in “spirit” and “guide them through the adversities they face” when trying to keep the Brooklyn studio open and out of a larger company’s hand. (Washington Post)

Although the announcement is now public, “House of Wallace” is still searching for a home.

The show has yet to sign with a network, though a representative for Ossian says “a few serious networks are in discussion.” Notorious B.I.G.’s hits include “One More Chance,” ”Hypnotize” and “Mo Money Mo Problems.” The series will also feature guest appearances from other musical artists. (Washington Post)

Back in January, T’yanna Wallace honored her father with a jaw-dropping tattoo.

The late Notorious B.I.G.’s teenage daughter, T’yanna Wallace, is receiving a lot of attention for a new tattoo dedicated to her father. T’yanna shared a “B.I.G.” lip tattoo with the explanation: “Business instead of games!” The extreme ink quickly became viral and the image was picked up by several sites, much to T’yanna’s surprise. “LMAO NAH WORLDSTAR TOO! NOW YA”LL ODING LIKE YALL NEVER SEEN A LIP TAT,” she tweeted earlier today upon realizing that the image was being shared. (RapFix)

Last spring, she spoke on her father’s legacy and named her fave Notorious record.

“When I first started listening to it, it wasn’t like that, but the older I get, I swear I fall in love with his music more and more and more and more. I’m like, talent out the butt,” T’yanna said when asked if she was amazed at her father’s lyrical prowess growing up. “[My favorite B.I.G. song so far?] It changes all the time. Right now, currently, still, ‘Machine Gun Funk’ is my favorite song. … That is my all-time favorite.” (Hot 97)

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