Notorious B.I.G. & Jay-Z Inspire Fabolous, “Those Two Stand Out For Me”

Notorious B.I.G. & Jay-Z Inspire Fabolous, “Those Two Stand Out For Me”

New York rapper Fabolous recently talked about his role models in life and listed the late Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z as his top two inspirations.

Fab said the Brooklyn-bred emcees represent proof of the heights of success he can reach.

“My life role models are a lot of people,” Fab said in an interview. “Of course family members – my mom, my uncle and people like that. My uncle gave me great advice on things; good talks. And my mom raised me and set the standard for me in terms of discipline, respect and how to carry myself. Other inspirations are sports figures such as Michael Jordan. Musically, there have been a lot of people, from Biggie Smalls to Jay-Z. Those two stand out for me because I got to see two people come from where I come from and be successful. That was influential because when you don’t see people from where you come from achieving big things, it can be like, ‘nobody around here does anything.’ So those people helped to show that you can be from where we’re from and achieve great things.” (Voice Online)

Earlier this year, Fab credited Jay and Snoop Dogg for helping motivate him into business ventures.

“I look at hip-hop artists who have become brands,” he said, “[like] Snoop Dogg or Jay-Z. It’s not only their music, it’s the whole package of what they’re doing as artists. So I want to brand myself as an artist. I would like to bring in other talent and move up to do some acting. You can’t be satisfied. Because once you’re satisfied you lose your edge of competing. So I’m not satisfied. I say, ‘You know what? I still deserve more.’ If I was sitting on top of the world, I deserve to be sitting on top of the sun, you know what I’m saying?” (Boston Herald)

Last August, F-a-b-o landed a sneaker deal through Reebok.

Fabolous, in partnership with Cornerstone Promotion and Foot Locker, will kick-off the series as the first one hundred fans in each city will be able to “buy a pair, get a pair” — receiving a pair of tickets to a first-of-its-kind, exclusive, intimate Fabolous performance. Fabolous will personally meet with fans at Foot Locker locations throughout the US to promote Reebok’s Classic Remix footwear collection and the Classic Remix Concert Series. Cities include, New York City, New York (August 24, 2009), New Orleans, Louisiana (August 26, 2009), Miami, Florida (August 28, 2009), Houston, Texas (September 1, 2009), and Atlanta,Georgia (September 3, 2009). (Press Release)

The rapper is currently putting together his upcoming There Is No Competition 2 EP.

“I worked with Sonaro, a producer who just signed to Street Family. He did ‘Body Ya.’ I worked with the guy who did [Rick Ross‘] ‘Blowin’ Money Fast,’ Lex Luger. He did a song for me called ‘Lights Out.’ The one with Sonaro is called ‘Body Count.’ I did one more with Ryan Leslie called ‘You Be Killin’ Them.’ It’s a little bit more for the females but keeping with the theme. I think when people hear these three joints, they gonna be like, ‘He’s still giving us great music, and it’s just a mixtape, just an EP.’ And from here, I’m working on the album.” (MTV)

Check out a past Fabolous interview below:

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