“Not To Diss Any Other Region [But] We Really Can’t Be F*cked W/ Right Now”

“Not To Diss Any Other Region [But] We Really Can’t Be F*cked W/ Right Now”

With hip-hop newcomers like Odd Future and Kreayshawn stemming from the West Coast, SOHH hit up Los Angeles rapper Co$$ to get his take on rappers from his home region.

Co$$ said he is fully aware of the West’s potential and feels every artist is bringing something fresh to the game.

“I think right now, West Coast hip-hop is really in a place to have a diverse impact on the game because we’re coming from so many different angles,” Co$$ told SOHH. “You got Odd Future with a kind of nostalgic sound but it ain’t all horrorcore. Tyler is really on that outlandish sh*t but there’s other members in the crew that touch on other genres of hip-hop. So don’t sleep on Odd Future. They’re very diverse and aren’t in just one lane. But I’m super excited about the West Coast. We got everything popping off out here as far as what you might desire.” (SOHH)

He also said the West Coast artists’ lyrical skills reign supreme.

“Lyrically, not to diss any other region because I’m a big Midwest, South and East fan, we really can’t be f*cked with right now,” Co$$ added. “There’s too many cats for me to even name. We’re like what New York represented in the early to mid to late 1990’s; I feel like L.A. is starting to be the Mecca of lyricism. Not trying to say other sides aren’t because they’re ridiculously lyrically as well, but I feel like right now L.A. is the epicenter for lyricism.” (SOHH)

Last week, Co$$ gave reasons fans should go out and cop his Before I Awoke long-awaited debut.

“First off, just check out the originality on the project. I don’t think there’s an artist in the game that sounds like me or approaches music-making the way I do. I know probably every artist who does Buy My Record says this but my sh*t is genuinely original. It’s really an organic type of flavor. That’s my number one reason right there. Just based off the authenticity of the album. You’re being introduced to something that you’ve never heard before. I call this album futuristic West Coast. I’m really proud of where it is sonically. It’s all home production. I got contributions from all of my people that have made classics like Exile and Naledge.” (“5 Reasons Why”)

In April, West Coast rap veteran Snoop Dogg talked about embracing the newcomers.

“As far as the New West or the young MCs out here on the West Coast, I’m very familiar with them because they call me Uncle Snoop,” Snoop told MTV News. “So more than likely, they come get my blessings on a record, or through mutual friends we connect with each other, because I always keep my ear to the streets and I always love being a part of what’s new and fly representing the West Coast. I’ve always been one to try to put that on the forefront, so I keep my ear glued to the street when it comes to these new acts from the West. I try to be a part of their projects and a part of blowing them up.” (MTV)

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