Noreaga Speaks On Fatburger Arrest, “I Actually Never Hit The Guy” [Audio]

Noreaga Speaks On Fatburger Arrest, “I Actually Never Hit The Guy” [Audio]

Nore has stepped forward to address what really went down in Miami over the weekend when he was arrested for misdemeanor battery at a fast food restaurant.

The C-N-N member spoke with hip-hop persoanlities Angela Yee and Leah Rose about the Sunday brawl.

“I walk in the Fatburger,” Nore said. “I have to use the bathroom. So I go to the bathroom and this guy, he basically stops me and says ‘Yo, have a drink with me’ so I’m telling the dude I don’t really drink and when I do drink, I don’t drink this…Cognac…so I went to the bathroom hoping this would be all over and I come out and this guy’s basically waiting in the bathroom…The guy kept going at me…He had a drink in his hand and I don’t know how it necessarily ended up in his face…I actually never hit the guy. I swung, I tried to…but I have a friend who was with me who connected very well…The four people they arrested, didn’t do anything, including me.” (Angela Yee’s Lip Service)

The Queens, New York-bred emcee also spoke with rap personality Qdeezy about inaccurate information found in the alleged police report.

“For the record, there was never no flowers,” Nore said. “He was one of them hate-black people, hate-rappers type sh*t. We ignored him for most the part of it…I had a friend with me…he kinda lost it…I think I got charged with attempt to swing, I got a battery or some sh*t like that.” (World Star Hip Hop)

Prior to his interviews, Nore vaguely spoke on the incident via his Twitter account.

“I didn’t realize that most off y’all don’t know that Johnnie Rockets, McDonalds and Fat Burgers all have veggie burgers,” he wrote unmodified. “Seriously though, I am not a man for negative behavior, at least not now in my career and in my life!!! I will not comment on the incident cause I can’t wait for some one like Angela Yee or DJ Vlad to ask me questions!!!” (Nore’s Twitter)

The altercation originally took place early Sunday (February 22) morning.

Police said he disrupted the “normal flow of business” at a Fatburger by yelling at another customer, ripping up a bouquet of flowers and throwing a cup filled with a yellow liquid at the customer. Authorities said the rapper punched the man in the face, and yelled “Do you know who I am?” Santiago was charged with misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct; he was taken to the Miami-Dade county jail and released. (Associated Press)

Listen to Nore’s interview with Angela Yee below:

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