Nore On Record Label Fears, “I’m Honestly Scared To Let It Out”

Nore On Record Label Fears, “I’m Honestly Scared To Let It Out”

Nore has taken to his personal blog to share his fear of releasing his upcoming album and to explain the difficulties with finding a suitable record label.

Reflecting on his recent project with Capone, Nore described his resistance to force a new project.

“I sometimes think what’s up wit this music business,” Nore wrote unmodified. “I’m glad to be able to survive in such a terrible genre!!! I love making music for fans I love seeing someone and they say I love that record, album or mixtape!!! It’s the best feeling n the world!!! But the worst feeling in the world is when you make a hit record that you know is a hit and nobody hears it or you drop an album nobody knows it’s out!!! There’s nothing worst in the world then going through that!!!! I just made the dopeest album of my career!!! And I’m honestly scared to let it out!!! Why now should I due so? I need the belief in a record label that I just don’t have right now!!! It’s very scary!!! Bare with me as I figure it out!!! I need a change, a reinvention, something I will figure it out!!!! (57th Ave)

The rapper’s joint album with Capone got off to a quiet start earlier this year.

Capone-n-Noreaga’s Channel 10 got off to a bumpy start landing at No. 136. After seven days on store shelves, the project has sold 4,100 copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Southern rapper Chamillionaire recently dished out his thoughts on the music industry via a MySpace posting.

“Fact. No more underground mixtapes after [Mixtape Messiah] part 7,” he wrote unmodified. “No jacking beats and putting out full cds. That formula is old. To me. I have done it 100 million times and it just doesn’t inspire me anymore. Sorry if it makes you feel a certain way. There are plenty other artists out there doing it that you can choose from…Fact. Venom isn’t gonna drop. It’s not coming out. I’m not dropped. Not depressed. I’m not sad. Just telling you what I’m thinking and what I’m gonna do. No press release about it. No label rep saying it. Straight from the boss’ mouth…Past dope concepts will go into my vault. Key locked thrown away. Except for a couple of these that could fit anywhere. The music should fit together and not sound like it’s all over the place.” (Chamillionaire’s MySpace)

Nore previously made headlines earlier this year after being arrested at a Miami Beach fast food restaurant in February.

Police said he disrupted the “normal flow of business” at a Fatburger by yelling at another customer, ripping up a bouquet of flowers and throwing a cup filled with a yellow liquid at the customer. Authorities said the rapper punched the man in the face, and yelled “Do you know who I am?” He was charged with misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct. Then he was taken to the Miami-Dade county jail and released. It was not immediately clear whether he has retained a lawyer. (WFTV News)

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