“Nobody Makes Albums Anymore, They Just Make Songs & Throw It On A Disc”

“Nobody Makes Albums Anymore, They Just Make Songs & Throw It On A Disc”

With the surge of duo albums dropping this summer ranging from Eminem and Royce Da 5’9‘s Hell: The Sequel and Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame‘s Ferrari Boyz, SOHH hit up Daily Bread’s Apollo Brown for his take on collaborative efforts.

Apollo, who produces alongside Daily Bread emcee Hassan Mackey, believes artists should continue to drop producer-rapper full-length projects.

“Just like Gang Starr, this is really the producer-emcee combo,” Brown told SOHH, breaking down the make-up of Daily Bread. “I think that a lot of hip-hop is starting to go that route again where you have production on an album by one producer or maybe two. It’s been getting wild with 15 songs with 15 different producers on an album. The whole album, everywhere, there’s so many different sounds. It’s like a real rollercoaster ride. My whole thing is consistency and being able to mesh songs with other songs and create a story. Nobody makes albums anymore, they just make songs and throw it on a disc and call it an album. That’s not the art of creating an album, man.” (SOHH)

Despite duo albums’ current popularity, Apollo feels there has to be more science than two artists randomly coming together to create an LP.

“So now there’s a lot of people teaming up,” Apollo added. “There’s a lot of duos teaming up. I may even come out with somebody getting teamed up with somebody and hop on the beats. I think that’s good for hip-hop, as long as the right people are doing it. You can’t really team up somebody just to be different and say, ‘Oh, that’s dope.’ It’s not necessarily going to be dope. You have to make sure it’s a good team, it’s a marriage, man. So I think everyone I’ve worked with right now is in the right marriage, right team. Once you find out who I’m making an album with right now, you’ll be like, ‘Wow.’ But I can’t tell you that right now.” (SOHH)

Grammy-winning emcees Jay-Z and Kanye West are working on taking their soon-to-release Watch the Throne album to the next level by forming a supergroup.

A week after debuting their new single, “Otis”, off “Watch the Throne,” Jay-Z and Kanye West are joining forces to form the group ‘The Throne’ and announce their ‘Watch the Throne Tour,’ kicking off on Sept. 22, in Detroit. “Watch the Throne” will be available on iTunes on August 8. On the same day, tickets for The Throne’s tour, powered by VoyR, will be made available at Ticketmaster.com and LiveNation.com. Fans who purchase their tickets online will receive a digital copy of the album. The album hits stores on Aug. 12. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Last May, Royce Da 5’9 talked about organically putting together his new Hell: The Sequel project alongside Eminem.

“We didn’t start with any kind of a plan,” Royce said in an interview. “Normally, if you gonna do an LP where Em is involved, you start with a plan and then you go in and you do records. This didn’t come together like that; it just happened naturally. We just started cuttin’ songs, just to be working with each other again, with no intent in mind…We certainly didn’t have enough time to set up to make it an album. We don’t want people to think that it’s that type of release, because it’s not. We went in there and had fun. And we just gonna see what happens. We just want people to hear it.” (Hip Hop DX)

Check out Daily Bread’s “Weak Won’t Do” below:

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