No Malice Puts Lil Wayne On Blast, “That’s My Blood & I Ain’t Never Kiss Em”

No Malice Puts Lil Wayne On Blast, “That’s My Blood & I Ain’t Never Kiss Em”

The weekend continues to heat up hours after Lil Wayne dropped his “Goulish” diss record aimed at Pusha T with The Clipse rapper’s brother No Malice now going after Weezy F. Baby.

Resorting to Twitter, No Malice defended his brother and dissed Wayne for previously getting caught kissing Cash Money CEO Birdman on the lips back in 2006.

“Well I LOVE Pusha! That’s my blood and I ain’t never kiss em,” he tweeted Saturday (May 26). (No Malice’s Twitter)

Back in 2009, Birdman defended locking lips with Wayne for a mafia kiss.

“That’s my son, ya heard me,” he explained. “If he was right here, I’d kiss him again. I kiss my daughter, my other son, I mean, you have children? Well, if you did you’d understand what I meant with it. I just think people took that too far man. That’s my son. I’ll do it again tomorrow, I’ll kill for him. Ride and die for him.” (Tim Westwood TV)

Last night, Wayne lyrically went after Pusha on the new “Goulish” track.

The beef is on. This evening YMCMB flagship artist Lil Wayne did the expected and dropped a scathing dis record titled “Goulish” aimed at Clipse lyrical monster Pusha-T. “F–k Pusha-T and everybody that love him. His head up his a** so I’ma have to head butt him” Wayne raps on the intro to the record. N*ggas can’t see me. Not even a glimpse. Too many banana clips, I feel like a chimps.” (RapFix)

Although merely speculation thus far, Pusha’s new “Exodus” record is believed to take aim at the fact artists like Drake and Lil Wayne fall under Cash Money CEO Birdman’s imprint.

“Contract all f*cked up, I guess that means you’re all f*cked up,” Pusha raps, “You signed to one n*gga, that signed to another n*gga, that signed to three n*ggas, now that’s bad luck.” (“Exodus 23:1″)

Check out “Goulish” below:

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