Nicki Shreds Mariah Beef To The Bone: “This Industry Is So Fake” [Video]

Nicki Shreds Mariah Beef To The Bone: “This Industry Is So Fake” [Video]

Young Money’s Nicki Minaj has finally let loose on her feelings toward fellow “American Idol” panelist Mariah Carey and admitted she has no idea why the R&B icon holds a grudge toward her.

Minaj said her thoughts of them being able to connect quickly diminished once they met up at the start of “American Idol’s” production last year.

“Imagine someone you loved your whole life. Imagine meeting them and then, all of a sudden, feeling like you did something horrible to them but you just don’t know what you did,” Minaj said in an interview when asked about her relationship with Carey. “That’s what my relationship with Mariah is and that’s what it’s been from the beginning. I just thought that we were really friends but that’s the other thing I learned. This industry is so fake. You walk away thinking people are your friends and they’re not.” (E!)

Back in February, Nicki’s Cash Money boss Birdman weighed in on the publicized feud.

As the judges on “American Idol” are working toward narrowing down the top 24 contestants, some still wonder how Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey will fare together when the show starts to go live. Though they have had not-so-kind words in the past, Bird doesn’t believe there is a problem at all. “I don’t consider it beef, they both getting paid to do a job and they’re just doing their job,” he said. “Ain’t nobody get hurt, so it ain’t no big deal.” Nicki’s progression as an artist and a businesswoman is much more interesting to Baby, who gives Minaj his full support. “I saw the whole play, been a part of it so I think it’s amazing. We ain’t never had a female in the business to accomplish what she’s accomplishing, period,” he said. “I never saw a woman in this business, especially in my time of doing this, work as hard as her.” (MTV)

A few weeks prior, Young Money head Lil Wayne passed up on giving his take on the headline-generating tensions both artists had.

Lil Wayne trusted Nicki Minaj’s judgment when she said “American Idol” was not his type of show due to its drama. That’s why the Young Money rap mogul didn’t watch the singing competition even though his former protege was on it as part of the judging panel. “When I talk to her she’s always tells me, ‘You don’t wanna watch that, you’re not going to be into it,’ ” he told the Associated Press. “She knows me. … It’s kind of like a catfight where they be going back and forth type of thing, I’m not into all that,” he referred to her feud with fellow judge Mariah Carey. (Ace Showbiz)

Coincidentally, both Nicki and Mariah briefly addressed their war of words in January.

One critic asked each woman to say something nice about the other. While the crowd held their breath, Minaj began, calling Carey one of her favorite all-time artists and the shaper of a generation of singers. Carey seemed to have more trouble talking about something other than herself but eventually got around to talking about working with Minaj on a single and realizing that Minaj was an artist who would go far. That single: “Up Out My Face.” Carey called the title “ironic.” (Washington Post)

Check out Nicki Minaj’s interview:

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