Nicki Minaj’s Stacked W/ Plenty Of Pizzazz, Says Britney Spears

Nicki Minaj’s Stacked W/ Plenty Of Pizzazz, Says Britney Spears

Pop star Britney Spears recently talked about recruiting Young Money star Nicki Minaj for her Femme Fatal nationwide tour and what attributes ultimately stand out on the colorful emcee.

Along with co-signing Minaj, Spears said the rapper’s distinct sound separates her from other artists.

“I think she’s great,” Spears said referring to Minaj. “She’s a great artist in every way and I’m really happy for her. I think she has a distinct sound when she raps — It really stands out and sets her apart from everyone else. I’m happy she’s able to be on tour with me because that’s just amazing.” (MTV)

Last month, Minaj described what differences she noticed from her typical rap crowds and performing in front of Spears’ pop fans.

“Well, initially, what I thought was I hope this audience will appreciate what I do. What I first dealt with was a bit of the unknown. Is this something that Britney’s crowd will even enjoy? But it all went away the first night. I stood in the transporter, that big prop that we have on the stage, and I could not believe the crowd reaction before they even saw me. It was very emotional for me. I was so shocked. I thought, OK, on the [Lil] Wayne tour, this is my audience, everyone that knows Wayne, they knowNicki Minaj. When I heard those screams, it was one of the best feelings in the world. It changed overnight. I’m pleasantly surprised with the people coming out on this show; they generally are coming out not to critique, but to have fun. The hip-hop community tends to be more critical. On this stage, I felt a little bit more free.” (Los Angeles Times)

Prior to joining the tour, Minaj promised to cease her city-to-city on-stage lap dances.

“This will be my last round of lap dances,” Minaj revealed in an interview. “When I go [out] with Britney [Spears], no more lap dances…The [alias] that comes out with the lap dances on stage, I think that’s Lap Dance Nika. Let’s call her Lap Dance Nika. Some of my fans, my Team Minaj Barbz, they’ve called me that sometimes on Twitter, so I thought it was cute, so we’ll call her Lap Dance Nika.” (Power 106)

In the spring, Minaj landed a spot on Spears’ tour as a replacement for Latin singer Enrique Iglesias.

Sources say that things are looking very good and that they should reach an agreement in the next day or so. The raptress wouldreplace Enrique Iglesias, who pulled out of Spears’ tour at the last minute. Nicki is currently traveling the country with Lil Wayne on his “I Am Music II” tour, which wraps April 28. Britney’s tour is scheduled to begin on June 17. (Rap-Up)

Check out footage of Nicki Minaj performing on the Femme Fatale tour below:

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