Nicki Minaj’s Rump Salutes The Troops, Grinds Out More Lap Dances [Video]

Nicki Minaj’s Rump Salutes The Troops, Grinds Out More Lap Dances [Video]

Young Money’s Nicki Minaj lap dance spree is far from over as the Pink Friday star saluted the U.S. troops over the weekend by treating two soldiers to an intimate stage experience.

Minaj gave two lap dances during an “I Am Still Music II” tour stop in Texas heading into the weekend.

Raptress Nicki Minaj continues giving lap dances in every city of the “I Am Still Music II” tour. When stopping by Dallas, Texas for a show last Friday night, April 15, the “Moment 4 Life” singer showed her appreciation to two soldiers for their service to the country by treating them to the sexy dance. (AceShow Biz)

A few days prior, Minaj treated NBA superstar Chris Paul to an on-stage lap dance.

New Orleans Hornets baller Chris Paul’s fiancee/baby moms Jada got a sneak peek at what his bachelor party would be like last night. Nicki Minaj pulled him on stage for her nightly lap dance. Watch Nicki make Chris blush inside…..The I Am Music Tour II rolled into New Orleans–Lil Wayne‘s hometown–for one of their largest tour stops. And, of course, NBA baller Chris Paul was at the New Orleans arena to support Young Money. (The YBF)

Earlier this month, the rapper turned heads after giving her boss Lil Wayne similar treatment.

Nicki Minaj usually treats one male fan to a lap dance during her concerts, but the crowd was in for a surprise when that man happened to be Lil Wayne. Young Money’s First Lady (and her jaw-dropping booty) danced up on a grinning Weezy during the “I Am Music II” tour stop at Long Island’s Nassau Coliseum on Sunday (March 27). He was so overcome by the experience that he eventually fell out of his chair. Now that’s a moment for life. (Rap-Up)

Days later, Minaj provided her post-dance reaction and admitted how anxious she really was.

“Well, I have to say, I been giving lap dances [during the tour], but I didn’t know Wayne was gonna jump out and pop out the back,” Nicki told MTV News. “I literally was up there trying to get a boy, then I turn around and I see this cute little dread in the chair with his legs dangling off. And I was like, ‘What?’ I was super nervous.” (MTV)

Check out Nicki Minaj’s lap dances below:

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