Nicki Minaj’s Latest Lap Dance Victim Speaks, “So It ‘Is’ Real” [Video]

Nicki Minaj’s Latest Lap Dance Victim Speaks, “So It ‘Is’ Real” [Video]

Young Money’s Nicki Minaj is far from finished giving surprise “I Am Still Music II” tour guests lap dances, however, her latest “victim” has come forward to discuss surviving the on-stage rump attack.

After receiving the publicized lap dance this week in Arizona, NBA star Steve Nash tweeted his post-grind reaction.

“RT @Sunsbouncer: my boy @ concert has a clear video of @SteveNash getting a lap dance from @NICKIMINAJ cant wait to see it! #NASHTY(me too!),” he tweeted April 20th.

“RT @NICKIMINAJ: Haha! Give it up for Steve Nash yall!!!; RT @SteveNash: I think I just got a lapdance from @nickiminaj?(oh, so it IS real?)

“Aight aight! I met @liltunechi and got a lap dance from @nickiminaj! No big deal…..@JaredDudley619.” (Steve Nash’s Twitter)

Minaj also playfully acknowledged her lap dance spectacle.

“Haha! Give it up for Steve Nash yall!!! —> RT @SteveNash: I think I just got a lapdance from @nickiminaj ?,” she tweeted April 20th. (Nicki Minaj’s Twitter)

Footage of the grinding session circulated online throughout the week.

TMZ has posted video from Tuesday’s Lil Wayne tour stop at US Airways Center that clearly shows Nicki Minaj and her “famously plump caboose,” as they call it, performing a lap dance on Steve Nash. The video shows him seated in a chair on stage as Minaj runs her hand through his hair and caresses his chest from behind before straddling the chair and grinding into Nash while he just sits there with a look that says, “I wonder if I should have let this happen?” (AZ Central)

Last week, Minaj turned heads after giving fellow NBA point guard Chris Paul an on-stage lap dance.

New Orleans Hornets baller Chris Paul’s fiancee/baby momsJada got a sneak peek at what his bachelor party would be like last night. Nicki Minaj pulled him on stage for her nightly lap dance. Watch Nicki make Chris blush inside…..The I Am Music Tour II rolled into New Orleans–Lil Wayne’s hometown–for one of their largest tour stops. And, of course, NBA baller Chris Paul was at the New Orleans arena to support Young Money. (The YBF)

Check out Nicki Minaj’s lap dance on Steve Nash below:

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