Nicki Minaj’s Fame Blows Cop Away, Escapes Criminal Punishment

Nicki Minaj’s Fame Blows Cop Away, Escapes Criminal Punishment

Young Money’s Nicki Minaj recently allowed her fame to shine after getting stopped by a cop and avoided having to deal with a traffic ticket.

Nicki broke the news of her close call this week with a Twitter image.

Nicki Minaj appears to have gotten a big pass by a starstruck cop who was on the verge of writing the singer a ticket … until the officer realized who she was about to bust. Nicki tweeted a pic of a note she says she wrote to the cop’s daughter, in which she wrote, “My beautiful barb Ayana! You and your mom are amazing! Love always, Nicki.” Nicki says Ayana’s mom is a traffic cop who was about to write her up. (TMZ)

New York City law enforcement are reportedly not going to investigage the matter.

It’s unclear what traffic violation Nicki allegedly committed, but what is pretty clear … sometimes it pays to be a celeb. We reached out to several law enforcement agencies in the NYC area — where Nicki is currently hanging out for Fashion Week — but so far we don’t know which agency let her skate. One interesting thing … an NYPD official told us … they weren’t going to investigate to see if it happened in their jurisdiction, because they had way more important things to do. Fair point. (TMZ)

Back in winter 2011, Indiana rappr Freddie Gibbs boasted about sneaking drugs through the national Transportation Security Administration (TSA) thanks to some inside help.

Someone in the Transportation Security Administration was feeling charitable this week. When rapper Freddie Gibbs attempted to pass through airport security with two sizeable bags of weed in his luggage, instead of confiscating the drugs, an unidentified security agent returned them in the suitcase with a note reading “C’mon son.” Gibbs tweeted a photo of the note yesterday morning, though he seems to have removed it since (an archived photo can be found here). Later that day, the “Look Easy” rapper posted another status update: “Bout to go thru security at the airport again.” Let’s hope he was a little more careful with his luggage this time. (Rolling Stone)

The TSA later said it would investigate the violation amongst its employees.

“TSA takes all allegations of inappropriate conduct seriously and is investigating this claim,” says a spokesperson for the TSA. ” Should the claims be substantiated, TSA will take appropriate disciplinary steps and refer the alleged possession of an illegal substance to law enforcement.” (Forbes)

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