Nicki Minaj’s Curves Attacked By Concertgoer, Security Pulls Man Off Young Money Star [Video]

Nicki Minaj’s Curves Attacked By Concertgoer, Security Pulls Man Off Young Money Star [Video]

Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj experienced a brief scare this week during a Florida concert when a man bumrushed the stage and placed his hands around her waist.

According to reports, the incident took place Tuesday (July 24) night in Miami.

Nicki Minaj was caught up in a security scare at a concert on Tuesday after a fan jumped onstage and grabbed her. The rapper was performing at the James L. Knight International Center in Miami, Florida when an overzealous man ran up to her and put his hands on her waist. In amateur footage of the incident, posted on, Minaj appears to be pulled away by the fan before he is separated from the Starships hitmaker and tackled by burly security guards. A shocked Minaj quickly regained her composure as her minders hauled the stage invader away, and took a bow before telling the crowd, “I wanna say thank you for the love, Florida!” (Orange News)

She also playfully addressed the incident on Twitter following her performance.

“Florida u were amazing tonight!!!! Thank u soooo much for the love!!!!! Mmmuuuuaaahhhh!!!!! #pinkfridaytour,” she tweeted July 24th.

“Lmaooooooooo. Sit down!!! > RT @playhousebarb: @NICKIMINAJ i hear you almost had to put them liddle puppy paws on somebody 2nite. ://” (Nicki Minaj’s Twitter)

Earlier this year, Shady Records’ Yelawolf got attacked by a concertgoer in California.

The fan actually succeeded at knocking Yelawolf down, but as soon as Yela gained his composure, he came out swinging. He served up the douchebag a few right hooks right before security whisked the man off stage! If he was trying to hurt Yelawolf, it back fired tremendously. All the action kicks off at :45 in the video. Check out Yelawolf go Floyd Mayweather on his fan. (Global Grind)

New York rap veteran DMX also suffered the same fate as Nicki and Yela last January.

A crazed fan got his hands around DMX’s throat for a split second at a concert in Long Beach last night …. and it was all caught on tape. X was performing at the Cáfe Sevilla in Long Beach … and was just about to start his second song when some dumb a** hopped on stage and attacked the rapper. Security rushed right in — and put the stage intruder in a MONSTER choke hold — then wrangled him off the stage. The DJ briefly stopped the music during the melee … but X immediately ordered him to get back to spinnin’ … yelling, “We don’t stop the music for s**t!” Ruff night. (TMZ)

Check out the Nicki Minaj fan incident below:

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