Nicki Minaj’s Brinx Billions Finally Speaks: “After Nicki Signed Me, I Was Just Like…”

Nicki Minaj’s Brinx Billions Finally Speaks: “After Nicki Signed Me, I Was Just Like…”

Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj‘s artist Brinx Billions has finally come into the light and spoke on officially getting signed to the self-proclaimed “Barbie’s” new record label.

According to Brinx, his relationship with Nicki dates back to her pre-fame Young Money days.

“When I met her, it was like instant, we clicked. We would work together and do records. She recorded her whole Beam Me Up Scotty! project there and I would be coming through to do my thing. It just so happen that I was doing my thing with Busta Rhymes at the time and she was doing her thing with Lil Wayne at the time. Her situation took off because Wayne is a good business man, and she was talented. She had a good outlet. As of lately, Nicki decided that she wanted to do her music company and she reached out to me. She was like “Yo Brinx, I always respected your music. You’re a real individual. Your music is authentic.” She asked me to send a couple records. I sent it to her and she was like “Yo, I love it. Let’s do business.”” (VIBE)

He also discussed linking up with Atlanta’s Gucci Mane for their “Finesse” track, which is currently buzzing online.

“After Nicki signed me, I was just like I need to get more material. I started running around Atlanta and New York recording, just doing my thing. I bumped into Gucci Mane a couple times at this spot called Hot Beats and then we’d run into each other in the strip clubs. Gucci was around in the blossom of my connects, like Nicki’s career, and I was like, it would just be a good situation to link up with him again. So I said “Yo Gucci, how much to get you on a track?” and he said, “Don’t worry about it, let’s do it.” I was gonna hold on to the material until it was time to put things out, but right now is the time. I promised everybody on Twitter and Facebook that I would start releasing tracks from my upcoming mix tape I Ain’t No F’n Rapper.” (VIBE)

Prior to scrapping the name Pink Friday Records, Minaj spoke on launching her own label last November.

“I have my own label and I have two artists, Parker and Brinx,” she said in an interview. “I haven’t decided who we’re gonna partner up with as far as a larger company.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Outside of music-making and artist-signing, Nicki recently announced a clothing line venture with mega retailer Kmart.

Nicki Minaj is coming to a store near you. Following deals with Pepsi, M.A.C., and OPI, the hip-hop mogul has announced a partnership with Kmart to sell her multi-department lifestyle brand. Nicki will launch apparel and accessories collections in conjunction with Kmart and the social shopping platform. The “Starships” rapper will develop the lines, which will be available exclusively at select Kmartlocations and on beginning this year. She will oversee the design and development of the brand so that it reflects her strong creative talent, expressive personality, and distinctive individual style. (Rap-Up)

Check out Brinx Billions and Gucci Mane’s “Finesse”:

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