Nicki Minaj’s Alleged Sex Tape Footage Unleashed

Nicki Minaj’s Alleged Sex Tape Footage Unleashed

Young Money star Nicki Minaj has become the center of attention with speculated sex tape screen shots featuring the rapstress leaking online today.

Details of the leak landed across the Internet Friday (December 17) afternoon.

A month after a nude photograph of Kanye West circulated on the Internet, an image that is allegedly a still shot from a Nicki Minaj sex tape ,was leaked today (December 17) on gossip site, The suggestive picture shows a woman that bears a stricking resemblance to the Young Money Princess topless and laying on a bed. As of press time, reps for Nicki have yet to comment on the image’s validity. (XXL Mag)

Last May, Media Take Out reported that Minaj had sex tape footage circulating online.

Oh mee . . . oh MYYYY!!! just got a PRIVATE SCREENING of a new EXPLICIT VIDEO – starring what appears to be a young NICKI MINAJ. The tape, which shows VERY EXPLICIT AND GRAPHIC scenes, was supposedly made a few years ago, before Nicki got hot. [The video portrays] Nicki Minaj (or someone that looks a LOT LIKE HER) doing all kinds of freaky stuff. The people who had the tape are looking to sell the contents for $100,000. Obviously we ain’t that kinda BREAD . . . but according to them, they’ve already got one person lined up to pay the price. As soon as they negotiate the deal, they’ll allow us to post an excerpt. (Media Take Out)

Aside from the sex tape, Minaj recently discussed her love life.

“It’s like your natural instinct is to be bossy, but then you really can’t be like that with your boyfriend all the time, you know,” Minaj explained to television host Chelsea Handler. “I’m the total opposite in relationships. Like, I like for the boy to take control when we are [in bed.] It’s so different in real life. But when you’re with a boy, I want to feel like you can be a boss if you want to be, but you let me be the boss in real life, in public. It’s weird because him being a boss would turn me on but at the end of the day when it was time to really make it long-term, it would be too many egos clashing. You know what I mean? It’s true.” (“Chelsea Lately”)

Last September, Minaj imagined having a beach wedding with a dream lover.

The 26-year-old MC planned out her next 20 years in VIBE’s Juice issue, revealing that she’ll be ready to settle down in 15 years. “I want the beach wedding,” Minaj said. “Everything would be white and soft pink. I hate red!” She continues: “I’d be wearing a strapless dress, gripping around the waist, with a never-ending train. No shoes, just my feet in the sand.” As for guests, there’s room for little Barbies and a special performer not in Lil Wayne‘s crew. “[I’d] have five little flower girls dressed in Hawaiian straw skirts,” Minaj says. “Then BeyoncĂ© would sing ‘Smash Into You’ and I’d cry like, ‘Oh God.'” (VIBE)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

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